10 Tips for Finding a Good Concrete Contractor in Troy, MI

Before you hire a professional concrete contractor servicing Troy, MI, it is better to arm yourself with a list of questions to ask and some knowledge of concrete. Prior to hiring a concrete contractor, you must set criteria the contractor must be able to meet. It will help you filter them through during the meet-ups and sales pitches.

Here are 10 tips for hiring a professional concrete contractor.

1. Be Confident

Before you hire a contractor for your concrete driveway or patio project, you must be confident. Also, you must have some prior knowledge about concrete projects. Your amount of confidence and knowledge will help you assess the level of confidence a contractor possesses.

2. Have Several Options

With the questions that you have listed, interview a significant amount of contractors. Observe and compare their responses to various questions. Their responses will help you zero down on the best few. Interviewing them will give you a solid grasp upon the criteria that you have set.

3. Multiple Scheduling Options

All reputable concrete contractors have busy schedules. If such is the case, step back and be a little flexible. Ask them about the days when they’ll be able to work. Also, be very cautious about the contractors who have free schedules and are always available to carry out your project.

4. Keep the Drying time in View

No matter how much you avoid, you will eventually have to use your driveway. Normally it takes around 2 to 4 weeks for a concrete driveway to dry. You might have planned a party, or you might expect delivery of heavy objects. Factor in your plans to add weeks to the deadline of the project.

5. Ask About the Permits

A good way to educate yourself is to inquire about the permits required for building a concrete driveway or patio. It is important to arrange all the necessary permits from the authorities before conducting a concrete project. Failing to abide by the law, might earn you a one way ticket to prison.

6. Get the Quotes

Getting quotes from the contractors will help you have a clear picture of what to do. It keeps you up to date with what material to use, and how much they will cost.

7. Written Contracts

To ensure the safety of your project, make sure you have all the necessary paper work done prior to the project. It will help you hold the contractor accountable, in case something goes wrong.

8. Turn Down Upsells

Stamping or staining concrete might make your driveway appear professionally done. However, if you have a tight budget, ask about the add-ons right away. You can always refuse them in the earlier stages if the budget is tight.

9. Ask About the Contract

In the initial stages, have a detailed discussion with the contractor about the contract and your clauses. Also, do not hesitate about asking the cost and the duration of the project. The contract should include the cost and the schedule of the project to be done.

10. Test His Knowledge and Skill

It is always easy to narrow down on the contractors who are comfortable answering the most technical questions. Their level of comfort shows their level of skill and the ability to take on complex situations during the project.

When finding a concrete contractor, do not skimp on any of the above-mentioned tips. Have a good day!!

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