5 Concrete Pouring Mistakes DIYers Make in Macomb County, MI

5 Concrete Pouring Mistakes DIYers Make in Macomb County, MI

With guides and video tutorials on concrete pouring available online, you might get tempted to do the task by yourself. Unfortunately, pouring concrete is not as easy as it might seem.

There’s a high risk of ending up with concrete products that have compromised structural integrity. Pouring concrete is a job for trained and skilled professionals.

But if you believe you are up to the task, be sure to avoid the following concrete pouring mistakes.

  1. Ignoring or misjudging weather conditions

Temperature matters as it can affect achieving the desired concrete strength or properties. However, some people tend to forget this. Experts will tell you to do the job when the temperature is between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Generally, you should avoid pouring concrete during rainy days or freezing weather conditions. Instead, time for hot weather with medium humidity.

Since the weather in Macomb County, MI, can be unpredictable, we’ll advise you to consider checking the weather forecast for at least the next three days. It is because after pouring, concrete must maintain an ideal temperature for approximately 48 hours for the best results.

  1. Pouring concrete on unleveled ground

It’s a costly mistake. Concrete on such a foundation becomes highly prone to cracks and breakages. Proper ground preparation is imperative to keep your concrete looking in great shape for decades.

DIYers who experience cracks so soon usually pour concrete on a foundation with soil or debris. Others create inadequate base layers that are easy to shift.

Professionals know the perfect compactable base layer. They also use a “place compactor”, a tool that is not common in homes.

  1. Applying incorrect concrete mixing ratio

Mixing concrete is another aspect where many DIYers get it wrong. They often add too much water to concrete.

A watery mix significantly reduces the compressive strength of the final product, affecting the lifespan of the concrete. Your concrete will develop cracks in a short period.

Remember, every project is different in some way. So it’s best to consult an expert to recommend the ideal ratio in your case.

  1. Disregarding the protective wearable equipment and gear

Your safety should come first. But it’s easy to ignore this because you’re probably not aware of the concrete construction hazards.

For example, mixing and pouring concrete exposes you to the risk of inhaling aggregate dust. There’s the risk of slipping and falling. Also, if wet cement splashes on your skin, it can cause burns.

Having the necessary safety equipment can’t be emphasized enough. You will need to cover your eyes, hands, face, and feet.

Precisely, here’s what you will need:

– Boots

– Safety goggles

– Rubber gloves

– Respirator

– Long sleeve shirt and full-length pants

  1. Pouring concrete without the necessary tools

Watching video tutorials online can make the task look quite simple. Before getting excited, ask yourself if you have the specific tools needed to complete the job.

Do you have a concrete mixer, Grover, wheelbarrow, and magnesium float? If no, then it’s a good idea to leave the task to a professional. You can’t replace these pieces of equipment with plastic and wooden tools in your home.

The Takeaway

While the DIY approach can save you money at first, there are a lot of things that can go wrong during the process or later. For increased peace of mind, consider working with concrete pouring professionals in Macomb, MI.

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