5 Reasons to Install a Concrete Driveway in Bloomfield Hills

Many driveways in Bloomfield Hills are reaching their lifespan and showing signs they need to be replaced.  The driveways may be crumbling, extensive cracks may be forming, along with potholes.  If you have a brick paver driveway, your pavers may be heaving due to the freeze-thaw cycle or perhaps the pavers are chipped or cracked.  All these signs impact the curb appeal of your home and impact the resell value of it as well.  Here are our 5 benefits of replacing your existing driveway with concrete.

Why You Should Consider Installing a Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveways are Long Lasting

Most concrete driveways last between 30 – 40 years when properly maintained. Another factor in how long you can expect your concrete driveway to last is if it was installed properly. For example, our concrete driveway company will make sure your new driveway is installed with a firm foundation and proper water drainage.  When considering what concrete company to hire it’s critical you find one that has extensive experience in concrete driveway replacement and installation.

Concrete Driveways are Low Maintenance

As you know, Michigan can have harsh winters that come with freeze-thaw cycles. Because of this, it’s important to seal your concrete driveway every couple of years.  This helps to protect it from not only the freeze-thaw cycle but the deicing materials you may need to apply to keep your driveway free of snow and ice.  We do recommend you limit the use of deicing materials as much as possible.

Removing stains such as motor oil, radiator fluid, or similar substances should is important in keeping your driveway’s curb appeal.  In addition to using a pressure washer for common stains left by leaves, you can use grease-cutting biodegradable cleaners for older stains.

Concrete Driveways are Cool to the Touch

Concrete stays cool to the touch during the summer because of its light color. Asphalt, on the other hand, soaks up the sun’s heat. Have you ever heard people joke about the summer heat by saying they could fry eggs on their driveways? Since asphalt driveways are black, they soak up more of the sun’s heat during the summer, which can be painful for people with bare feet. Even in the summer sun, concrete stays cool.

Concrete Driveways are Customizable

It’s common to see concrete driveways using the technique called brushed concrete.  But if you want to be the envy of your neighborhood, you can also consider having an exposed aggregate concrete driveway or a stamped concrete driveway installed.  Both of these look more expensive and boost the curb appeal of your home.

Concrete Driveways are to Remove Snow

Undoubtedly, a concrete driveway is far easier to remove snow from than a brick paver driveway.  You’ll appreciate how smoothly your snow shovel or your snow blower removes the snow.

Concrete Contractor Servicing Bloomfield Hills, MI

We are a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience pouring concrete driveways not only in Bloomfield Hills but across Oakland and Macomb counties.   Our crews are professional and experienced in pouring commercial and residential concrete driveways.  If you are searching for a concrete contractor that has plenty of experience pouring residential concrete driveways in Bloomfield Hills, give us a call today!  We can be reached at 248-379-0250.

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