6 Key Questions to Ask a Commercial Concrete Contractor Before Hiring

Within the last decade, approximately 1000 metric tons of concrete has been used within the United States itself. This popularity of concrete can be attributed to its durability as well as its ability to create smooth and sturdy constructions. From parking lots and pavings to foundations and loading docks, concrete is extensively used in both commercial and residential buildings.
It is impossible to refurbish commercial concrete structures without the help of a commercial concrete contractor. These days, there is no shortage of contractors who specialize in concrete repairs. It, therefore, becomes essential to be cautious while hiring a commercial concrete contractor. Here are a few questions that can help you gauge if you are making the right choice.

6 Key Questions to Ask a Commercial Concrete Contractor Before Hiring

1. Can You Provide References from Your Previous Clients?

References from clients are relevant as they allow you to judge a commercial concrete contractor’s quality of work. Before you hire anyone, ask them to provide you with a list of their current and past clients. Reach out to these clients and ask for their honest opinion. Ask relevant questions, such as was the contractor able to finish the job in time and within the budget allocated? Were they available to talk during the duration of the project? We recommend reaching out to at least three different clients and getting their opinions.

2. Do You Have a License and Liability Insurance?

Once you have narrowed down your list to a selected few, the next question you must ask a commercial contractor is: do you have a license and liability insurance?
Companies that hire concrete contractors must have a license. These licenses are granted based on the education, training, and expertise of the team. Thus, a license ensures that the contractor you are hiring has the skillset to pull the job you are hiring them for. Similarly, liability insurance provides insurance that the company will be able to reimburse you for any damages caused by the team to the existing structure. Besides insurance and liability insurance, also ask if the contractor has bonding insurance. Bonding insurance provides a guarantee that you will get your money back in case the contractor is unable to complete the job.

3. Do You Provide any Guarantee for Your Work?

Another critical question to ask a commercial concrete contractor is: do you provide any guarantee for your work? Sometimes contractors do a shoddy job but do it in such a way that everything on the exterior looks fantastic. People realize they have been fooled when they start seeing cracks in the repaired structure. Thus, you must work with only a contractor or company that offers at least a 12-month warranty for their work.

4. Do You Have the Required Permits?

Before you allow any work to be done on your property, make sure your contractor has the required permits. Some contractors may say that it is your responsibility to get the permits and licenses. It is wrong. The person whose name is on the permit is responsible for ensuring that all work performed complies with the local ordinances. Since this is your contractor’s responsibility, they are the ones who should get a permit.

5. Do You Have a Busy Schedule?

You do not want to hire someone who is continually running between different jobs. Thus, look at your preferred contractor’s schedule for the next few weeks. Proceed only if you are convinced that your chosen contractor will be able to devote their full time and energy to the task at hand. If the contractor is busy, consider delaying the project by a few days. However, if you decide to delay the project, ask your contractor for a written commitment so that there isn’t any confusion later.

6. Who Will take Charge of the Project?

The last question you must ask a commercial concrete contractor is: who will be in charge of the project? This way, you can get in touch with the project manager and explain your requirements as well as concerns. Moreover, you will also be clear on who should you go to in case a worker has or poses a problem.


Choosing the right commercial concrete contractor is essential as this person is someone you are entrusting your business or residential property with. Asking these crucial questions will surely help you make the right choice.

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