A Guide for Generator Concrete Pad Installation in Royal Oak, MI

A residential standby generator for backup power can represent a huge investment. And choosing a reputable generator installer is just one step in the journey. Taking your installer’s advice on installation options and adhering to your local building codes will help ensure a stable and safe installation that guarantees years of quality service.

While there are a number of options, a concrete pad remains arguably the best choice for robust, performance-intensive, and high-powered generators. But just like the installation of any heavy equipment, there are some factors that every homeowner should take into consideration when looking to install concrete pads. And as experts in the industry, we want to provide you with an extensive article regarding how to safely install generator pads in Royal Oak, MI.

So, how do you choose an accurate generator concrete pad size?

First and foremost, it is worth noting that the concrete pad you will buy must match the requirements of that particular generator, especially in terms of size. In this regard, a generator pad that is either too thin or excessively thicker can be prone to cracking, and this will ultimately result in untimely and expensive repairs.

What’s more, when looking to purchase a concrete pad, you need to take into account the type of soil in your home. And most importantly, you must evaluate and assess the potential risk of flooding in your local area. Typically, there are two approaches to determining the most appropriate size of a concrete pad, including:

  • The first approach involves trying to fit the pad onto the equipment’s tank. And to achieve this, you will have to carefully spread your concrete in a way that it fits your generator’s sub-base tank. This technique should help you determine whether your generator’s discharge hoods and the enclosure intake extend beyond the pads at both ends.
  • The other technique typically requires the installer to conduct a comparison of the enclosure’s dimensions and that of the frame. This will ensure you install the generator on the right-sized pad.

So, how do you plan for a generator installation?

Before installing your newly acquired standby generator, it is highly recommended that adhere to your manufacturer’s guidelines. Below are a few tips to take into account:

  • The electrical cables for the power supply must either be concealed underground or above the ground to prevent electrical hazards.
  • The site of installation should have an open sky for the safe emission of combustion by-products.
  • The installation site should have sufficient space.
  • The installation site should be protected a security fence as well as a banner for improved safety.
  • It is important to keep a sketch of the conduit as it will serve as a point of reference.
  • The source of fuel supply should as close to the unit as possible for easy and regular access to fuel.

Generator power system maintenance:

All types of power systems, regardless of their nature, need routine and consistent inspection and maintenance. This not only ensures that your power unit functions in tip-top condition at all times, but also helps spot any potential problems early enough before they translate into costly repairs. What’s more, regular maintenance of your power supply system will help extend its lifespan. Simply put, you have every reason to follow your manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines on how to take care of your unit.

The bottom line:

In an era where nearly everything we do depend on electrical energy, it is almost a priority to have a sustainable and reliable supply of power. And this is exactly what generator power systems guarantee. Having a power generator at your disposal simply means it will serve as a backup to the local power grid providing your electrical services. It will cater to your home’s energy needs when faced with an extended power outage. If you are currently looking to purchase and install a power system, we have provided you with practical and effective tips on how to safely and appropriately install a generator. Kindly contact us to either learn more or hire professional Royal Oak, MI generator pad installation services!

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