Benefits and Downsides of Installing Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfaces

Exposed aggregate concrete is a popular surfacing option for patios, driveways and garden pavements. Homeowners prefer exposed aggregate concrete for its diverse, decorative and dynamic look. If you are mulling over the option of exposed aggregate concrete option for any of your residential space, then go through this piece before making up your mind. Because in this blog, we will try to impartially discuss the benefits and downsides of installing an exposed aggregate surface.

Let’s start off with some of the benefits and advantages that come with the installation of the exposed aggregate concrete surface.

The Benefits

They are aesthetically appealing

With exposed aggregate installations, homeowners are able to incorporate different surface designs made of a diverse color palette. Exposed aggregate concrete surfaces can visually complement any type of exterior.  The look of an exposed aggregate concrete surface can be customized through a wide range of decorative aggregates.

They are cost-effective

Installation of an exposed aggregate concrete surface is cost-effective in comparison to various other surfacing options. No additional material is required for the furnishing of exposed aggregate concrete. In addition, they don’t require regular maintenance like marble and tile surfaces. You can easily refurbish your exposed aggregate driveways or pavements with a resealing activity once every couple of years.

They are durable

Exposed aggregate concrete surfaces stand out among other surfacing options for their exceptional durability. Due to their peculiar construction, they are not susceptible to cracks and fractures. They are a perfect fit for driveways and porches that have to bear the weight of heavy vehicles. In addition, they are innately resistant to wear and tear inflicted by extreme weather conditions.

They are easy to clean

You won’t need detergents and special chemicals to clean exposed aggregate surfaces. Simple water cleaning once in a while is enough to maintain a neat look.

The Downsides

Not Recommended as a DIY Project

Laying an exposed aggregate concrete, while maintaining its functionality and visual appeal, is a challenging task. One can mess up the whole installation without professional assistance.

Decorative Stones May Become Dislodged

This may be an issue with exposed aggregate concrete surfaces. The decorative stones used as aggregates are vulnerable to disarticulations from the surface, particularly if they are poorly installed. Dislocated and dislodged stones signify many unwanted implications.

  • It will make the driveway patchy and rough
  • Space will lose its aesthetical appeal
  • Water and other debris will start to get entrapped in the holes left by dislodged stones
  • Lastly, you will have to commence a daunting repairing task of the damaged surface

This is one of the benefits of having a professional install your aggregate surface.  With experience, the stones will be much less likely to become loose.


In the above discussion, the benefits of an exposed aggregate concrete surface outweigh the downsides. On a closer look, it also appears that the supposed cons of an exposed aggregate surface stem from poor installation. So, if you pick a right contractor for the task, then an exposed aggregate concrete surface is fairly a good option to deck any outdoor space. To get an exposed aggregate concrete surfacing for your home for all its benefits, avail the expert services of Flat Rock Concrete.

If you’re ready to take the next step and dive into your exposed aggregate project, give us a call today! We can be reached at (248) 379-0250 or (586) 726-6091!


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