Common Types of Parking Curbs in Oakland, MI

Many people know that parking curbs guide drivers and pedestrians into the right spaces, preventing accidents. That’s not the only function of curbs, though. There are different types of parking curbs you might not be aware of, and each serves a specific purpose.

Here are the most common types of parking curbs in Oakland, MI.

Barrier Curbs (straight Curbs)

The name says it all. Barrier curbs create a barricade that essentially separates vehicles or directs traffic within parking spaces or other spaces. Some property owners use it to prevent vehicles or pedestrians from entering specific areas.

These types of parking curbs are undoubtedly the most well-known in Oakland, MI. Many homeowners usually opt for concrete or asphalt barrier curbs. Installing these curbs can improve the exterior aesthetics of your home significantly.

Monolithic Curbs (Integral Curbs)

With monolithic curbs, they are fused or amalgamated with the driveway or pavement to create an excellent level of traction for larger vehicles.

The main purpose of integral curbs is to facilitate a smooth transition into the road without causing damage to the driveway surface, foundation, or structure.

Monolithic parking curbs are visible around the edges of the pavement, although no joint or seams can be seen. The curbs are common with driveways and pathways made of concrete and asphalt materials.

Rolling Curbs (Mountable Curbs)

It’s easy to confuse this type of curb with a straight curb. While both serve the same function in Oakland, MI, their designs are a little different.

Rolling curbs feature a slanted design with a slight dip. Cars, trolleys, bicycles, shopping carts, and skateboards can move over the curbs to a lower of higher pavement.

You will find mountable curbs in many places, such as parks, malls, and shopping centers.

Mower Curbs

Mower curbs are also common in Oakland, MI, but they are more preferred as a decorative option. They have a slightly raised front edge curb that creates a protective barrier between flowerbeds and lawnmowers.

The barrier allows you to uniformly trim grass around the curb edges without worrying about damaging the topsoil or machinery.

Mower curbs come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. You can use them to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, like many other property owners in Oakland, MI.

Slanted Curbs (Slopped Curbs)

We wind up our list of different types of parking curbs with slanted curbs, which are similar to mower curbs. Unlike mower curbs that are mainly designed to protect your flowerbed and lawnmower, slopped curbs are installed in homes and commercial properties to adorn their exterior.

Many property owners take advantage of slanted curbs to showcase their creativity, style, taste, and preferences.

Parking Curb Installation Professionals in Oakland, MI

When installing parking curbs, you certainly want everything to turn out perfectly. For the best results, make sure you find a skilled and experienced professional for the job.

If you need parking curbs installation services in Oakland, MI, contact us today to request a free quote.

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