Creating Parking Lots with Concrete in Metro Detroit

Due to increased prices of asphalts, many businesses and building owners in Metro Detroit are shifting to concrete. The material has low costs in terms of maintenance and repairs and can handle a lot of heavy traffic and extreme temperatures. It is flexible in terms of design and customization.

Advantages of Concrete

Concrete has many advantages over asphalt. Some are outlined below:

  • Asphalt is now the same price as concrete with higher maintenance costs and lower lifespan.
  • There is zero cost to maintain concrete since only annual cleaning or rare joint sealing is required. Asphalts need to be upgraded every few years and replaced completely after a decade of use. Maintenance of asphalt is 80% more than the initial cost.
  • The installation of asphalt costs higher than concrete
  • Concrete is also a lighter color which reflects heat, unlike asphalt which retains it. Concrete is almost 10° C cooler than asphalt. It can even be painted to decrease the temperature of the building further.
  • Concrete can bear heavier loads compared to asphalts without developing potholes.
  • It is flexible when it is being installed so it can be textured as the owner wants.
  • Asphalt isn’t made with recycled materials like concrete is. Concrete is made of slag, ash, fly or concrete aggregate.

Designing the Parking

Parking lots can experience a higher load than floors. Since the speed of vehicles is comparatively low, the ground doesn’t have to be completely smooth or flat. While designing the parking lot, it is important to keep in mind the design. For delivery trucks, the pavement will need to be thicker than 5 inches, while for cars a thickness of 4 inches is acceptable. It is also important to take care of the drainage system of the parking lot. They need to have a little slop so any water can drain properly. Standing water can cause staining, discoloration, and cracks.

The Material

The parking lot can also be exposed to different situations like freezing, thawing, heavy loads, deicing chemicals, etc. It is important to mix the concrete properly so that it is portioned evenly throughout the space.

Keep durability in mind when you are getting materials to make the parking lot. Durability is maintained only when there is a good surface layer. It needs to be resistant to the thawing and freezing process, as well as have overall strength. This will prevent it from cracking and bending under pressure.

The surface will stay in a good shape if air-entrained concrete is used. If you used a well-mixed grade, it will prevent shrinkage and it’s easier to work with. If the space you have is high in sulfate content than using sulfate-resistant cement is a better option.


To maintain the concrete you have to do some simple things.

  1. Leave enough time for the concrete to dry and cure before using it. This will give it a great compressive strength and seal properly.
  2. To prevent staining you may want to use joint sealers. This will give the parking lot a long life and keep out debris and water.
  3. Remove stains frequently.

Interested in Utilizing Concrete for Your Parking Lot in Metro Detroit?

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