Different Types Of Parking Curbs In Macomb County, MI

Also known as parking blocks, parking curbs are traffic management structures to help car owners stop their vehicles safely and reduce the chances of both collisions and accidents. As a car owner, parking curbs will become part of your everyday. Unfortunately, many people simply don’t notice or even pay attention to both the appearance and functions of parking curbs. Most people are even not aware that different parking curbs exist until they need to either replace or repair a curb on their residential or commercial buildings. If you are one of them, you are in the right place. Today in this post, we are going to discuss the different types of parking curbs together with their functions.

So, what are the different types of parking curbs?

In general, we have five different types of parking curbs in Macomb, MI. each of these parking spaces has different roles and also differs in terms of their functions.

  • Barrier or straight curbs: Straight parking curbs create a barrier between direct traffic and a particular area such as a parking space. Most homeowners as well as developers usually this barrier curbs to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from entering certain areas. They are the most popular in Macomb, MI, and include asphalt and concrete barrier parking curbs.
  • Rolling parking curbs: Also known as mountable parking curbs, rolling curbs have a fairly slanted appearance with a small dip. They are usually used to move trolleys, shopping carts, bikes, skateboards, and vehicles from either a higher or lower ground and vice versa. You can find them in shopping centers, malls as well as parks.
  • Mower curbs: Due to their fantastic appearance, mower cubs have gained lots of popularity in Macomb, MI. They feature a raised front edge curb that creates some barrier between lawnmowers and flowerbeds. This allows homeowners to safely work on the grass around the curb’s edges without physically damaging either the trimming equipment itself or the topsoil. They come in a plethora of designs, sizes, and colors, so you can always find the best one that matches your aesthetic needs.
  • Slanted parking lots: These have no known physical function. And this means they only serve a decorative purpose. If you want to create parking curbs that will protect your flowerbeds or lawnmowers while enhancing your property’s aesthetic appearance, sloped parking curbs should be your ultimate choice.
  • Monolithic or integral parking cubs: These are usually combined with pavement or driveway to create some amount of traction for bulkier vehicles. This helps provide a somewhat smooth transition on the road without damaging either the structure, surface, or foundation of the driveway. Monolithic parking curbs are very common on pavement edges.

The Bottom line:

You now know what parking curbs are as well as the roles they play. So, it’s high time you integrate these important structures into your residential or commercial property. However, it’s imperative to note that parking curbs should only be installed by a proven professional contractor. This is the surest way to ensure will remain durable and functional for an extended period. Our parking curb installation experts not only boast the right knowledge and skills to perfectly install parking curbs, but will get the job done at relatively affordable costs. Kindly give us a call today and enjoy working with us!

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