Does Your Concrete Sidewalk Simply Needs Fixing or Must You Replace It? Here’s the Answer

Concrete is one of the sturdiest construction materials. However, it, too, is prone to the effect of extreme weather conditions as well as shifting of the ground. Similarly, though concrete is able to resist the damage caused by heavyweights to a certain extent, the material is not entirely crack-proof, and when concrete develops cracks, one must act immediately as when left unattended, these cracks can prove to be dangerous. The question is how does one decide if their concrete pathway or patio requires basic repair or should it be completely replaced? In this article, we answer this question that leaves many homeowners completely baffled.

Anyone who wants to have a concrete answer to this question must first develop a good understanding of concrete sidewalks.

Concrete Sidewalks Are of Two Types

Concrete sidewalks are of two different types: private concrete sidewalks and pedestrian concrete sidewalks. Pedestrian concrete sidewalks are also often referred to as shared user sidewalks. Though a part of these sidewalks often falls within an individual’s property, the homeowner is only responsible for ensuring general care; the task of repair and replacement of these sidewalks falls under the city ordinance.

Private sidewalks connect the home of an individual and the pedestrian sidewalk. Homeowners are entirely responsible for these sidewalks and their care and maintenance are a homeowner’s duty. However, their care and maintenance must follow the city guidelines. Therefore, if you are planning to undertake the repair or replacement of your concrete sidewalk, we suggest you check with the city authorities regarding the guidelines concerning these sidewalks.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Problems with Concrete Sidewalks

Now that we know what are the different types of sidewalks and who is responsible for what, let us look at specific conditions when concrete sidewalks need repairs and when they need to be completely replaced.

  • If you are seeing cracks in your concrete sidewalk, you must act immediately. However, the type of crack will determine whether you need to hire an expert for a repair job or a replacement job. If you have been seeing narrow cracks, chances are your concrete sidewalk requires basic fixing and repair. However, if the cracks you see are hairline cracks, act immediately, you will most likely have to replace the entire structure.
  • A hairline crack says that there is some problem with the concrete mixture. If you are not sure if the cracks you see are hairline cracks or narrow cracks, then simply walk over the crack. If the crack increases in size, you are dealing with a hairline crack.
  • Though concrete is a very sturdy material, it does become damaged with time. Exposure to harsh weather conditions and heavy weight causes the concrete to develop cracks with time. When the sidewalk becomes damaged with time, the chances of a person falling or tripping increase considerably. Therefore, if two sections of a sidewalk appear at two different levels to you, know that it is time to replace the sidewalk.

Summing Up

Concrete sidewalks are quite sturdy and if you have one at your home, then it is quite likely that you will not have to indulge in repairs and replacement for a long time. However, if you start seeing signs of damage, act immediately. Hire an expert and get the job done.

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