Driveway Concrete Installer Sterling Heights MI

driveway concrete installer Sterling Heights Sterling Heights Driveway Concrete Installer

A concrete driveway offers both curb appeal and durability, but it must be installed by a qualified professional to stand the test of time. Homeowners looking to repair an existing driveway or to start from scratch will quickly discover a Sterling Heights driveway concrete installer¬†available in their city. Here are four signs of an installer who’s also a true professional.

Driveway Concrete Installer Sterling Heights

Most driveway contractors can offer a basic quote over the phone, but a company’s first step before beginning any project should be a thorough examination of your home, any existing driveway or the space you plan to use for the new concrete pad.

To determine if your prospective contractor is true professional, ask questions about your upcoming installation. He or she should be able to give a rough estimate of the time it will take to complete the job, as well as offer advice on how long you should wait before parking on new concrete. Four weeks allows concrete to achieve maximum strength, and most professionals will advise waiting at least two. If your prospect says a week or less, you may want to give him a pass.

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