Effective Tips To Help Install Exposed Aggregate In Your Waterford, MI Home

Construction professionals have long held concrete in high regard for its extended lifespan, durability, and quality. Yet the uniform grey appearance of regular concrete holds less appeal for Waterford, MI homeowners looking to beautify their homes. Thankfully, concrete is today available in a plethora of decorative styles, offering homeowners an unmatched degree of aesthetic freedom.

And one increasingly popular type of decorative concrete is exposed aggregate. Exposed aggregate concrete is arguably the most popular way to enhance the beauty as well as the aesthetic appeal of your Waterford, MI home. Today in this post, we will not only describe what exposed aggregate is, but will also provide you with a few compelling reasons why you need to install exposed aggregate in your Waterford, MI home.

So, what is exposed aggregate?

Exposed aggregate is arguably the most ancient type of decorative concretes. Exposed aggregate was predominantly used in the 1900s, and was a popular way to boost both the beauty and aesthetic value of a home or property’s exterior. Since then, exposed aggregate has remained the number choice for decorative customization of buildings in Waterford, MI, and across the globe.

And while the procedure involved in making aggregate concrete is fairly complex, it can be compared to any other process of polishing, which improves both the quality and visual appearance of the concerned object. During this procedure, the uppermost layer of concrete is expertly ripped off from the surface, leaving the layers underneath entirely exposed.

This technique not only makes exposed aggregate highly durable, but equally gives it a highly polished and refined appearance. Thanks to its close resemblance to marble and granite, exposed aggregate has become most architects’ preferred construction material.

So, what are the benefits of exposed aggregate?

There are many reasons why homeowners in Waterford, MI should choose exposed aggregate over other types of concrete, including.

As previously explained, this type of aggregate is strikingly similar to both granite and marble. And this simply implies that exposed aggregate gives homes both charm and grandeur. And while it looks like both marble and granite, exposed aggregate is relatively affordable. So, if you are looking for a top-quality material that will significantly boost your home’s exterior but won’t break your bank, look no further than exposed aggregate!

What’s more, during the process of producing exposed aggregate, the final product usually features a rough texture. And this means that it is a kid-resistant material that is extremely versatile and suitable for all types of weather.

In terms of maintenance, exposed aggregate is also very easy to maintain. And once installed appropriately, you will only need to regularly clean and wash it to keep it in tip-top condition. And finally, exposed aggregate is highly durable and will serve you for an extended period.

So, how best can you use exposed aggregate in your Waterford, MI home?

  • Waterford, MI usually experiences both harsh winters and summers, implying that patios in this region will always tend to crack relatively easier. So, if you don’t want to regularly repair your porches and patios, consider installing exposed aggregate in your home.
  • Exposed aggregate is also suitable for driveways, especially those that undergo heavy traffic. Exposed aggregate is highly durable, robust, and will withstand heavy loads without any problems.
  • Exposed aggregate can also look great in your pool area not only because it is durable, but skid-resistant as well. This will guarantee your safety around the pool.

No doubt exposed aggregate offers several potential benefits. However, to enjoy any of these benefits, this material should be installed by the right contractor. So, make sure you work with an experienced, reputable, and reliable exposed aggregate installation expert!

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