Everything Huntington Woods, MI Homeowners Must Know About Aggregate And Solid Concrete

Huntington Woods, MI homeowners understand the importance of planning and research when it comes to home improvement projects. Thus, it is not very surprising that they spend a significant amount of time looking up various types of concrete driveways. This article is dedicated to those homeowners who want to know more about the pros and cons of choosing aggregate and solid concrete for their driveways.

To begin with, let us say that both solid concrete and aggregate driveways are durable and sturdy. Aggregate driveways are known as exposed aggregate due to the presence of rock and stone chips in the concrete blend that remains uncovered in the completed surface.

The aggregate variety created an eye-engaging look. A standard concrete completion is generally smooth and boasts a typical floor brush finish that allows slip-obstruction.

Different Types of Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways come in two types: solid concrete and aggregate concrete.

Solid concrete, as the name suggests, is solid and does not contain anything else. Driveways constructed with these materials are naturally smooth and solid.

Aggregate concrete, as mentioned earlier, contains within itself other elements such as gravel and stone chips. Aggregate concrete is often known as exposed concrete. In Huntington Woods, MI, both aggregate and solid concrete driveways are available widely. However, aggregate concrete driveways are chosen over the others for a few reasons. Let us take a look at those.

Three Things Huntington Woods, MI Homeowners Must Know About The Different Types Of Driveways

The Decorative Difference

Aggregate concrete is multicolored and customizable. This is because of the natural color variation factor of the aggregate material. It is possible to lend it any color or texture. When it comes to solid concrete, these materials too can be given a variety of colors. However, the options are limited. Naturally, homeowners who want a unique driveway look, especially a design of their choices, opt for aggregate concrete.

Installation Process

Although aggregate concrete looks more impressive, solid concrete is easier to install. The process of installation of aggregate concrete driveways is relatively more tedious.

Once aggregate concrete has been poured and smoothened, the installer sprays specialized chemicals. The next step involves leaving the aggregate concrete driveway to dry for the whole day. The next day, it is to be power-washed. If you try to skip this step, your blend may develop a soft concrete layer on top.

Solid concrete can be installed in a day. Thus, those homeowners for whom time is an issue must go ahead with solid concrete driveway installation.

Maintenance Considerations

Aggregate concrete contains stones and gravel and is also prone to cracks. Those Huntington Woods, MI homeowners who prefer a low-maintenance option for time constraints must choose solid concrete over aggregate concrete for their driveways.

Concluding Thoughts

Huntington Woods, MI homeowners must remember that both solid and aggregate concrete driveways will have their pros and cons. The ideal choice depends on whether he/she chooses sturdiness over aesthetic appeal or vice versa. To know more, get in touch with us today.

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