Everything Macomb, MI Homeowners Must Know About Aggregate Concrete and Solid Concrete Driveways

Most Macomb, MI homeowners are smart and understand the importance of research and planning when it comes to home improvement projects. Thus, it is not very surprising that most Macomb, MI homeowners spend some time understanding concrete driveways, which have become quite popular over the last few years. Most homeowners know that concrete driveways are of two types — aggregate and solid. However, to know beyond this, homeowners are required to devote long hours, which they often do not have. Thus, in this article, we share with our Macomb, MI homeowners everything they need to know about concrete driveways, including the different types of concrete driveways as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each of these different types of driveways.

Different Types of Concrete Driveways

Let us start with the very basics. Concrete driveways are of two different types: solid concrete driveways and aggregate concrete driveways.

Solid concrete is, as the name suggests, solid and does not contain within itself anything and therefore, the driveways made using this construction material are solid and smooth. They are also easier to clean.

Aggregate concrete, on the other hand, contains within itself other elements such as gravel and stone chips. Aggregate concrete is also often known as exposed concrete and has a unique texture. In Macomb, MI, both aggregate and solid concrete driveways are quite popular but the bar tilts in favor of aggregate concrete driveways sometimes for a few different reasons. To start with, aggregate concrete can be customized to meet the different requirements of homeowners. Thus, homeowners who want their driveways in a particular color or texture choose to go with exposed concrete. More importantly, since aggregate concrete driveways contain within themselves stone chips and gravel, they are slip-resistant, a factor that works in their favor during the harsh winters when snow and ice make driveways slippery and dangerous.

Here Are a Few Things

Macomb, MI

 Must Know About the Two Different Types of Driveways

  • Aggregate concrete is customizable — it can be given any color or texture. More importantly, it is possible to give this construction material a decorative look. On the other hand, though solid concrete can be given different colors, the range of colors, as well as textures it supports, is limited. Thus, homeowners who want to give their home a decorative and unique look generally choose to go with aggregate concrete driveways.
  • Though aggregate concrete looks more impressive and grand, solid concrete is far easier to install than aggregate concrete. The process of installation of aggregate concrete driveways is lengthy and time-consuming. Once aggregate concrete has been poured and has smoothened, it must also be mandatorily sprayed with specialized chemicals. Once this is done, homeowners are required to leave the aggregate concrete driveway to dry for at least an entire day. The next day, it must power-washed, or else it develops a soft concrete layer on the top. Solid concrete, on the other hand, can be installed in a single day. Thus, those Macomb, MI homeowners who do not have too much time at hand choose to go with solid concrete driveways.
  • Aggregate concrete contains within itself stones and gravel. Therefore, aggregate concrete driveways are more prone to cracks than solid concrete driveways. Those Macomb, MI homeowners who want to go with a low-maintenance option must choose solid concrete driveways over aggregate concrete driveways.


Macomb, MI homeowners must know that both aggregate concrete, as well as solid concrete driveways, have their advantages and disadvantages. The right choice varies depending on whether a homeowner prefers looks over sturdiness or vice versa.

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