Everything Oakland County, MI Homeowners Must Know About Concrete Driveways

Among Oakland County, MI homeowners, concrete driveways have gained significant popularity over bitumen, asphalt, or any other paving material. A concrete driveway is also called a cement driveway. It comes in a variety of options that makes this kind of driveways unique.

Thus, it is not very surprising that most Oakland County, MI landlords try to devote a remarkable amount of time to understand concrete driveways. However, this is always not feasible. So, we have shared all that Oakland County, MI homeowners need to know about concrete driveways, including their types as well as the pros, and cons of the types.

Different Types of Concrete Driveways

Concrete is popular worldwide more than any other material due to its durability and strength. Concrete driveway finishes are of two types: aggregate and solid concrete driveways.

Solid concrete driveways are not comprised of anything, so driveways built using this material are smooth and can be cleaned without hassle. On another hand, aggregate driveways are also known as exposed aggregate concrete driveways as they are made of gravel and, in some cases, stone chips. Because of this in the concrete mix is exposed to the finished surface. Among Oakland County, MI homeowners both the concrete driveways are popular, but sometimes the number is higher for aggregate concrete driveways for a few reasons.

Pros and Cons of Solid vs. Aggregate Driveways Oakland County, MI Homeowners Must Know About

Aggregate concrete can be custom-made – a homeowner can give it any texture or color. You can also give the construction material a decorative appeal. On the other hand, though solid concrete can be given different colors, the range of hues and/or the textures it is available in is limited. So, homeowners who want to give their home a unique aesthetic typically opt for aggregate concrete.

Though aggregate concrete appears to be more appealing, solid concrete is comparatively easier to install. Aggregate concrete driveway installation is tedious and time-consuming. Once the material is poured and has been smoothened, it must be sprayed with top-notch, specialized chemicals. Once done, homeowners need to leave the aggregate concrete driveway for at least one whole day so that it dries. When fully dried, it needs power-washing, else it can grow another layer of soft concrete.

Whereas, solid concrete can easily be installed in just one day. So, if you are an Oakland County, MI homeowner with less time in hand, opt for a solid concrete driveway.

Exposed aggregate concrete is more at risk of damages than its solid counterparts. If you are an Oakland County, MI homeowner looking for a low-maintenance concrete option, go for solid concrete driveways.


All Oakland County, MI homeowners should be aware of the fact that both solid and aggregate concrete driveway work indicates a big investment. And you only get one chance to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the material. So, take your time, consider the pros and cons of each, your preference: be it look or the sturdiness and then, narrow down on one.

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