Everything Oakland, MI Homeowners Need to Know About Aggregate and Smooth Concrete

Before you start constructing your driveway, Oakland, MI homeowners, must make themselves aware of the different types of concrete. Usually, Oakland, MI homeowners research a great deal about the kinds of driveways, and therefore, often get confused about which type of driveway would be the right choice for them.

Just a little bit of research in driveways reveals that there are two kinds of driveways- aggregate and solid Concrete. And both have their own pros and cons. Unfortunately, most Oakland MI homeowners do not get into the detailed features and attributes of driveways, so they often opt up choosing one they disapprove of later. This is why in this article we will discuss the key features and highlights of the aggregate and smooth concrete to help you make the ideal choice.

Here’s How Aggregate Concrete Is Different from Smooth Concrete

The concrete mixture of Aggregate Concrete (or exposed concrete) is composed of gravel and stone chips. Gravel and stone chips are quite large in size and that’s why they give a driveway a distinct look and texture. The most unique and primary feature of aggregate concrete is that it can be amalgamated with any color of choice. Thus Oakland, MI Homeowners can give a vibrant look to their driveway if they use aggregate concrete. Homeowners who wish to complement their driveway with the overall landscape would find this feature of AC most favorable.

In contrast, Smooth Concrete has a solid texture. The solid texture of this concrete is plain and smooth due to the absence of gravel and stone chips. Thus, the smooth concrete is easier to clean as compared to the aggregate concrete. But the smooth surface comes with the shortcoming of being too slippery, hence it may not be a great choice for the Oakland MI homeowners.

Few Extra Things You Must Know

Aggregate Concrete Offers More Variety in Terms of Color and Texture than Solid Concrete

As discussed above, the color-adding feature of the Aggregate Concrete provides it with a larger variety than smooth concrete. As a result, aggregate concrete is more aesthetically appealing for it appears visibly vibrant and decorative.

It is not that solid concrete can not be given colors, it’s just that it doesn’t look as natural as aggregate concrete. Similarly, it can also texture can also be given, and it can be converted into stamped concrete, but the process takes up more time and money. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that Oakland, MI homeowners prefer aggregate concrete over solid concrete for home renovation and home improvement projects.

Solid Concrete Is Far Easier to Install than Aggregate Concrete

However, when it comes to installation, the Smooth Concrete is effortless. If we compare the installation process of both the concrete, the installation process of Aggregate Concrete is more time and money consuming, and this is one of the biggest disadvantages associated with aggregate concrete. The installation process of aggregate concrete involves multiple stages. After it is poured, some special chemicals must be compulsorily sprayed over it while it is wet. After spraying it must be left to dry at least for an entire day and then pressure washed to disperse the soft concrete layers that accumulate over it during the installation process. The same process is not involved, however, in the installation of solid concrete.

Thus, for Oakland MI homeowners who are time-bound and are looking for a hassle-free installation, then solid concrete should be their choice.

Aggregate Concrete Driveways Also Demand More Maintenance

Nearly every homeowner with driveways is aware that all the concretes can get damaged, and with time, it is quite common that cracks may develop in the driveway. Therefore, concrete needs proper maintenance, especially aggregate concrete.

The Last Word

Both aggregate concrete and solid concrete have their disadvantages and advantages which Oakland MI homeowners should be well aware of. Oakland, MI, homeowners must make themselves aware of the minor details; only then they can hope to make an appropriate choice. We hope that this article would help you make the right decision.

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