Everything You Must Know About Different Types of Parking Curbs in Centerline, MI

Parking curbs keep cars in the right place, especially in head-on parking spaces, and are essential to prevent accidents. Though we continuously come across parking curbs, most Centerline, MI, citizens are clueless about the different types of parking curbs. It is important to know about the different types of parking curbs as each different type of parking curb serves a different function.

We, therefore, dedicate this article to the five different types of parking curbs you will commonly see in Centerline, Mi, and their function.

Barrier Curbs

Barrier curbs are also known as Straight Curbs and are the most popular type of parking curbs. These parking curbs are used to create a partition between different vehicles within a parking space and also stop pedestrians from entering into such spaces. More importantly, since barrier curbs are made from either asphalt or concrete, they also do a wonderful job of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a place. Thus, many homeowners use them simply to accentuate the home’s exterior appeal.

Monolithic Curbs

Monolithic Curbs, more popularly known as Integral or Fused Curbs, are called so as they appear to be fused with the pavement or driveway around which they are placed. These types of parking curbs are mostly used around concrete and asphalt driveways and pathways. Their key function is to create a traction zone or a smooth transition area between the road and pavement. Big vehicles use this traction zone to move past the area without causing any damage to the pavement or driveway which the monolithic curbs are lining.

Mower Curbs

Centerline, MI homeowners use mower curbs to protect their flower beds from the damaging effect of their lawnmower. With the mower curbs protecting the flower beds, homeowners can use their lawnmower to create uniformly-trimmed grass. That apart, since mower curbs are available in different colors and sizes, they are often used by Centerline, MI homeowners to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home.

Slanted Curbs

In terms of look, slanted curbs resemble mower curbs. However, whereas mower curbs serve the key function of protecting the flower bed, slanted curbs are primarily used to add to the aesthetical appeal of Centerline, MI homes. In simple words, they primarily reflect a homeowner’s taste and preferences.

Rolling Curbs

In terms of functionality, rolling curbs serve the same function as barrier curbs. However, rolling curbs have a slightly different design. They have a slanted construction, which makes it possible for vehicles to move over rolling curbs. Rolling curbs are usually installed in malls and other public areas as they facilitate the movement of trolleys, shopping carts, bicycles and skateboards over them. In Centerline, MI, you will find these kinds of parking curbs in many public areas.

Key Takeaway

Property owners in Centerline, MI, understand that installing a parking curb is not an easy task. They, therefore, hire professionals to do the job. If you are planning to get parking curbs installed on your property, take a cue from other Centerline, MI homeowners, and hire professionals to do the job.

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