Exposed Aggregate for Poolside Patios in Oakland County

Exposed Aggregate for Poolside Patios

When you are constructing a new pool for your Oakland County home, you have lots of choices for your poolside decking. Common materials for pool decks range from wood to concrete, stone, and brick. While all of these materials provide a good surface for your poolside patio, many of them also have downfalls.  While not free from downfalls, exposed aggregate concrete is a great product for your poolside patio. Here are some great reasons for using exposed aggregate concrete for your home’s poolside patio.

Amazing Variety

The first great thing about using exposed aggregate concrete for your pool patio is that it comes in a variety of colors, textures and pebble sizes. This makes it easy to match existing exterior hardscape features including retaining walls, stone accents, brick and outdoor living space features. Exposed aggregate concrete can be used as the main hard surface material or can be used as an accent material. Because exposed aggregate concrete starts as a soft material, it is easy to create unique and even complex designs in your patio, without the challenge and effort that is required for other hard surface materials. Exposed aggregate concrete can even be combined with other hardscape materials like brick or stone pavers to create patterns or to better tie your concrete patio surface in with brick and stone features in your hardscape.

Easy on the Feet

Many people think that exposed aggregate concrete is uncomfortable to walk on because the pebble is exposed. However, that is not the case. Many of the exposed aggregate concrete options are smooth and while you can see the rock, you would never know that it is there, while walking on it. There are types of exposed aggregate concrete that are bumpy and the pebbles would be noticeable to walk on. If you select this type of exposed aggregate concrete for your poolside patio, we can help you select a product that gives you the look you desire but is also easy on the feet.


When you are selecting a surface for your poolside patio, one of the most important considerations should be safety. While many hardscape materials will look great, they can be unsafe choices for a poolside patio. Exposed aggregate concrete is a great, safe choice for your poolside patio because not only does it look great, but the gentle texture of exposed aggregate concrete provides a non-slip surface for your pool patio. This is important, especially if you have kids who tend to run around your yard and pool. Many of our exposed aggregate concrete products also don’t get too hot in the sun. No one likes to walk on a hot hard surface in bare feet, so as we are planning your pool side patio, let us show you the products that stay cooler in the sun and provide good slip resistance, keeping feet cool and bodies safe.


Even though you have tons of options with exposed aggregate concrete and we can create amazing patterns and designs in your pool side patio, you won’t spend a ton of money to get a great looking pool side patio. Exposed aggregate concrete is an affordable material that is also easy to install. This means that you pay less for materials and labor costs are lower, making exposed aggregate concrete the perfect material for a great looking patio, on a budget.

If you are looking for an affordable, yet attractive material for your new poolside patio, Flat Rock Construction can show you all of the amazing options that you have with exposed aggregate concrete. To schedule an estimate or to learn more about our concrete services, please call us today at (248) 379-0250 or (586) 726-6091.


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