Five Popular Types of Parking Curbs in Macomb, MI

Parking curbs are a part of everyday life that a lot of people don’t pay attention to or hardly notice their functions. A majority of individuals take for granted even the fact that different kinds of curbs exist. Only when they need to replace or repair a curb on residential or commercial properties is when they show interest. It pays to be prepared by knowing what kind of curb you are going to deal with; what purpose it serves; the cost to replace or repair; and finally, whom to reach out to for the job.

Five Common Types Of Parking Curbs in Macomb, MI

There are five common types of parking curbs you need to be familiar with. Keep in mind that and each of these curbs has different purposes and, of course, varying levels of aesthetic appeal.

Barrier Or Straight Curbs

Well, the name speaks for itself. Barrier curbs are used to create a barricade that separates directs traffic within a particular space like a parking lot. Some property owners in Macomb, MI use it to prevent pedestrians or vehicles from entering designated areas. These types of parking curbs are the most well-known in Macomb, MI. The popular choices of barrier or straight curbs include asphalt or concrete barrier curbs. These curbs can also improve the aesthetics of your home.

Monolithic Or Integral Curbs

Monolithic curbs are fused with the pavement or driveway to create a level of traction for larger vehicles. The purpose of integral curbs is to ensure a smooth transition on the road without damaging the foundation, any structure, or the driveway surface. Monolithic parking curbs can be spotted around the edges of the pavement.

Rolling Or Mountable Curbs

Rolling curbs have a slanted look coupled with a slight dip. Bicycles, shopping carts, cars, trolleys, and skateboards can move over the curbs to a lower or higher pavement. You will find mountable curbs in malls, parks, and shopping centers.

Mower Curbs

Mower curbs are more preferred as a decorative option for Macomb, MI homes. They are identified with a raised front edge curb. This creates a protective layer between lawnmowers and flowerbeds. The barrier allows trimming grass around the curb edges without worrying about damaging machinery or the topsoil. Because mower curbs come in different designs, colors, and sizes, you can use them to enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Sloped/Slanted Curbs

Quite like mower curbs, slanted or sloped curbs are used for ornamental purposes. Some homeowners in Macomb, MI wish to have curbs that will protect their flowerbeds and lawnmowers. Slopped curbs are the right options in these cases. These are installed in commercial and private properties to adorn the exterior. Other homeowners in Macomb, MI opt for slanted curbs to showcase their style, taste, creativity, and uniqueness.

When you make up your mind to install parking curbs, you’d want everything to work out in your favor. For best results, ensure that you find an experienced and reliable professional for the assignment. If you need recommendations about parking curb installation services in Macomb, MI, contact us. Our experts will share a free quote with you soon.

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