Five Types Of Parking Curbs in Macomb, MI

Whether you are creating or renovating the parking space on your commercial property, the layout should guarantee both your clients and employees an optimal parking experience. Parking curbs are a crucial safety feature for any parking space. Unfortunately, not many people pay attention to parking curbs and as such, don’t realize their significance. Research shows that a majority of people even don’t know that there are different types of curbs. Most homeowners will only pay attention to curbs when they are either forced to replace or repair them. As experts in the industry, we are here to help you know and understand what parking curbs are and the role they play regarding your parking space’s overall safety.

So, what are the various types of parking curbs in Macomb, MI?

Generally, there are five distinct types of parking lots. And you should familiarize yourself with all of them. It is worth noting that each of them serves different purposes and equally boasts varying degrees of aesthetic appearance.

Straight or barrier curbs:

Just as the name implies, these are used to create a barrier between direct traffic and a specific space such as a parking lot. A number of developers and homeowners often use this type of parking curb to help prevent both vehicles and pedestrians from accessing designated spaces. Straight parking curbs are arguably the most popular in Macomb, MI. the most common types include concrete and asphalt straight parking curbs. These curbs will equally boost your home or commercial property’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Mountable or rolling parking curbs:

These feature a slanted appearance with a slight dip. Shopping carts, bikes, trolleys, vehicles as well as skateboards can all move over the curb to either a higher or lower ground. They are predominantly found in parks, malls as well as shopping centers.

Mower curbs:

These have become a popular option in Macomb, MI because of their stunning looks. They usually feature a raised front edge curb, which somehow creates a protective layer between flowerbeds and lawnmowers. This type of barrier makes it possible to safely trim the grass around the edges of the curb without causing any form of damage to either the topsoil or the trimming device itself. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors as well as designs, allowing you to find the perfect choice that suits your aesthetic needs.

Integral or monolithic:

Integral parking curbs are often fused with either the driveway or pavement to create some level of traction for larger cars. The reason behind this is to help guarantee a smooth transition on the road without causing any type of damage to the foundation, driveway surface, or structure. You can easily spot them on the edges of the pavement.

Slanted parking curbs:

Just like their mower parking curb counterparts, sloped curbs are used for decorative reasons. If you are looking to design curbs that will help protect your lawnmowers or flowerbeds, look no further than slanted curbs. They can be installed in both private and commercial properties to furnish the exterior.

The bottom line:

When looking to install parking curbs in either your home or commercial building, it is highly important that you seek the assistance of a qualified contractor to ensure the parking curbs remain functional and durable for many years. Our contractors are not only highly experienced and insured, but will also ensure the job is done right the first time. With us at your disposal, quality and satisfactory craftsmanship are always guaranteed! Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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