Here’s Everything Metro-Detroit Homeowners Need to Know About Aggregate and Smooth Concrete

When Metro-Detroit homeowners plan to begin the construction of driveways, they devote at least a few hours to researching different types of driveways. Thus, most Metro-Detroit homeowners are well-aware of the fact that there are two types of driveways: aggregate and solid concrete. Both of these driveways have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Unfortunately, most Metro-Detroit homeowners do not get into such details. We have, therefore, decided to dedicate this article to discussing the difference between the two types of driveways as well as highlighting the advantages of both.

Here’s How Aggregate Concrete Is Different from Smooth Concrete

The defining feature of aggregate concrete or exposed aggregate is that it contains gravel and stone chips in the concrete mixture. Since the gravel and stone chips are quite large, their presence provides aggregate driveways with an idiosyncratic look and texture. The biggest advantage associated with aggregate concrete or exposed aggregate is that it can be customized in terms of color — Metro-Detroit homeowners can choose to add whatever color they like to the mixture. This particular feature comes especially handy when homeowners are trying to make their driveway match or complement their landscape.

Solid Concrete, on the other hand, is solid and does not contain either gravel or stone chips. Thus, in terms of texture, it is far more smooth, which makes it far easier to clean than aggregate concrete. Unfortunately, since solid concrete is super smooth, it is quite slippery, which makes it not all that a great choice for many Metro-Detroit homeowners.

Here Are a Few Extra Things You Must Know

Aggregate Concrete Offers More Variety in Terms of Color and Texture than Solid Concrete

When it comes to driveways and patios, most people prefer aggregate concrete over solid concrete, primarily because aggregate concrete can be given any color and texture. Thus, aggregate concrete looks far more decorative than solid concrete and adds significantly to a home’s aesthetic appeal.

Though solid concrete can be given color, the colors don’t look all that natural in the case of solid concrete. Similarly, while solid concrete can also be given certain textures, such as it can be converted into stamped concrete, the process involved is usually time and money-consuming. It is, therefore, no surprise that most Metro-Detroit homeowners these days are preferring aggregate concrete over solid concrete for home renovation and home improvement projects.

Solid Concrete Is Far Easier to Install than Aggregate Concrete

Aggregate concrete has many advantages. However, one of the biggest disadvantages associated with solid concrete is that its installation process is both money and time-consuming. After aggregate concrete has been poured, it must mandatorily be sprayed with special chemicals while it is still wet. More importantly, one must leave the aggregate concrete to dry for at least an entire day and thereafter, it must be pressure washed to eliminate the soft concrete layers that build up during the installation process. Installing solid concrete, on the other hand, is simple and straightforward.

Thus, those Metro-Detroit homeowners who do not have much time to spare must vote in favor of solid concrete instead of aggregate concrete.

Aggregate Concrete Driveways Also Demand More Maintenance

Homeowners with driveways know that all concretes are susceptible to damages and therefore, it is common for them to develop cracks at times. However, not many homeowners know aggregate concrete is far more demanding in terms of maintenance than smooth concrete. Thus, while deciding which concrete would be the right choice for you, keep this important point in mind.

In Conclusion

Metro-Detroit homeowners must know that both aggregate, as well as solid concrete, have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, while aggregate concrete is more decorative and therefore, aesthetically pleasing, it’s installation requires time and the concrete itself requires proper maintenance. Smooth concrete, on the other hand, may not look all that great but it is certainly sturdier and easier to install than aggregate concrete. An understanding of these minor details is important in making the right choice. We hope this article will prove helpful in helping you make the right decision.

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