Here’s What Ferndale, MI, Homeowners Must Know About Concrete Pad Installation

High-powered generators mandatorily require a concrete pad. However, in Ferndale, MI, homeowners must keep in mind that finding the right concrete pad for a generator is no easy task. One must keep several different things in mind. Further, concrete pads and generators work well only when installed properly. We dedicate this article to discussing the points that one must keep in mind while installing a concrete pad for their generator.

Tips on How to Get the Right Concrete Pad for Your Generator

Make Sure the Weight of the Pad Is Right

If you are planning to buy a concrete pad, everyone will tell you that you must find the right-sized concrete pad. While this is important, you must also make sure to find a pad that is the right weight. Anything too thin or too thick will eventually develop cracks. This, in turn, will compel you to hire the services of an expert and spend your hard-earned money. Similarly, the pad you buy must go well with the soil in your area. If the soil underneath your home is prone to flooding, you must talk to an expert before finalizing any particular concrete pad.

Buy the Right-Sized Concrete Pad

Now, coming back to the thing that everyone knows — the concrete pad you buy must be of the right size. So, how do you figure out what is the right-sized concrete pad for your generator? The answer is simple. The concrete pad you buy must be big enough to accommodate the generator. To be more specific, the concrete pad must be big enough to completely accommodate the generator’s sub-base tank as well as its discharge hoods. Here’s another trick that will help — the right-sized concrete pad will fit the frame of the generator. So, if you want, you can measure the frame of the generator or the enclosure area and get a pad that matches the dimensions.

Here Are a Few Things You Must Keep in Mind During the Installation Process

Now that we have a clear idea of the things one must keep in mind while buying a concrete pad, let us take a look at things one must keep in mind while installing it.

  • Make sure that your generator is placed in such a way that it has easy access to fuel supply.
  • Next, keeping in mind your family and friends’ safety, make sure to install a fence around the generator. If you want, you can hang up a banner as well.
  • Again, from the safety point of view, make sure all the wires coming out of the generator are properly hidden.
  • The area where the generator is placed must be open. This is crucial to ensure that the emissions have a proper way out.
  • You will have to devote time to the maintenance of your power systems. This means getting them regularly checked after every few months. This is crucial to ensure the longevity of your generator.

Summing Up

A high-powered generator is a handy machine. All Ferndale, MI, homeowners must get one. However, if you are planning to get a generator, make sure to get a generator pad and the right one. Also, make sure to hire the best expert in your area to carry out the installation process.

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