Here’s Why Concrete Driveways Are Better than Asphalt Driveways- Macomb County, MI

When it comes to building driveways, homeowners inevitably find themselves confused between the two most popular options: concrete and asphalt. Both concrete and asphalt offer unique advantages and attractive features, which makes it even more challenging for a person to choose which is better between the two. However, those who have been in the profession for a long time know that one material is better than the other. owing to several important reasons If you are curious to know which, read on.

Top Reasons Why Concrete Driveways Are Better than Asphalt Driveways

Professionals and experts believe that concrete driveways are better than asphalt driveways. In this article, we discuss why.

Concrete Is More Durable than Asphalt

When it comes to construction materials, durability and longevity are two key deterministic factors. It is only natural for homeowners to want to invest in a construction material that will last years while requiring minimal maintenance — concrete fulfills these criteria. Concrete also easily outlasts asphalt. While asphalt driveways last between twelve to twenty years, concrete driveways can maintain their health for even up to 40 years. However, the process of concrete pouring plays a pivotal role in ensuring the long life of concrete driveways. If the concrete isn’t poured correctly, it will eventually crack. Thus, when homeowners choose to go with concrete, they must make extra efforts to find someone reliable and experienced who knows how to pour concrete correctly.

Concrete Responds Better to Harsh Weather Conditions

A key component of asphalt is oils. Thus, when exposed to harsh rains, concrete disintegrates into the different oils it is made of. This causes the asphalt driveways to rise during the rainy season, which in turn, leads to the formation of craters on asphalt driveways. The snow also has a very similar effect on asphalt driveways. Concrete, on the other hand, responds well to all kinds of weather conditions. The only time one has to be cautious with concrete driveways is when the concrete is setting. Once the concrete has set, it is sturdy enough to thrive against all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

Concrete Is More Versatile than Asphalt

Between concrete and asphalt, concrete offers several customization options to homeowners. Asphalt is dark in color. Though its degree of darkness can vary between too dark and slightly dark, its tone remains more or less the same. With concrete, on the other hand, homeowners get different customization options. For instance, concrete can be customized to imitate the look of brick, wood, or stone. Many homeowners choose to customize their concrete driveways to complement their home’s hardscaping. Though this is a tricky process and requires skill, when done right, it can elevate a home’s entire look.


Driveways are an integral component of any home’s hardscape and can make or break a home’s exterior aesthetics. More importantly, building a driveway is an expensive undertaking. Thus, homeowners must do their research well and ensure that the options they are choosing are reliable, sturdy and will last long years. If the choice is between concrete and asphalt, know that concrete is always a better choice as it is sturdier and more versatile.

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