Here’s Why You Should Choose Exposed Aggregate Concrete for Your Macomb County, MI Home

Exposed aggregate concrete, also known as decorative concrete, has been used by homeowners for centuries now. In fact, it is the oldest decorative concrete available in the market. In this article, we highlight some of the reasons that make exposed aggregate concrete one of the best materials currently available in the market.

It Is Versatile

When it comes to design and decoration, exposed concrete is one of the most flexible concretes available in the market. In terms of colors and exposure depth, homeowners and commercial property owners get a variety of options to choose from. More importantly, the presumption that exposed concrete is to be used as a vast slab is wrong — exposed concrete can easily fit in large structures as it can fit in small ones. Its versatility, as well as its classic appeal, makes this decorative concrete an ideal choice for hardscape projects. If your landscape has lost its sheen and brightness over time, adding exposed concrete can bring back its vigor and shine.

Here’s a tip: if you want your hardscape to truly stand out, use exposed aggregate in conjunction with stamped concrete. The two go very well with each other and multiply the beauty of any space to which they are added.

Its Skid-Free Nature Is an Asset

Homeowners, especially those who stay in areas receiving high rainfall and snow, are right to want to choose materials that are skid-free. If you have kids or old people staying with you, choosing the right materials becomes even more important. One of the best qualities of exposed aggregate is that it is skid-free, an important property that makes it an ideal material for pool decks. Children playing around the swimming pool are always at a high risk of injuries if the pool deck is not skid-free. Similarly, it is also important to make the driveways, sideways, and walkways skid-free especially in areas where snow and rain are common. In conclusion, the skid-free nature of exposed aggregate concrete makes it one of the best construction materials for outdoor areas, both in residential and commercial properties.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Requires Low Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of exposed aggregate concrete is that it does not require much maintenance. Routine sweeping is enough to maintain the integrity of the material. You will also have to reseal it once in a long while but compared to other materials, the maintenance is quite low. Thus, those who choose this material save a lot of money in the long run.

It’s a Timeless Choice

Exposed aggregate concrete is one of the oldest construction materials because it is time tested. For centuries now, it has appealed to home and commercial property owners. Thus, when you decide to go with exposed concrete, you know you are choosing a material that will always be in fashion. Its timeless appeal is one of the biggest reasons why many homeowners choose to go with exposed concrete. To commercial property owners, this factor is even more important since the businesses understand the importance of maintaining the beauty of their premises, and thus, many commercial property owners also choose this material over and over again.

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