How To Incorporate Pea Gravel Into Your Home

In the last few years, pea gravel has gained lots of popularity, thanks to the host of benefits it provides. But what exactly is pea gravel? Pea gravel is relatively small, features smooth sides as well as rounded edges, and is soft to touch. It is available in a range of shapes and colors and the chances are high that you’ve probably seen it in a friend’s aquarium.

Thanks to its texture and relatively small size, pea gravel is suitable for above-the-ground projects and often adds color to the surrounding landscape. They not only boast a lightweight design, but are equally highly attractive and will always enhance the color of every architecture.

But what is pea gravel used for? Today in this post, we will explore some of the most common ways you can incorporate pea gravel into your home or commercial building.

Walkways: Pea gravel can be a fantastic addition to your walkways. It guarantees a soft texture for your pets and is equally safe for children. What’s more, pea gravel may be used in different colors to either smoothen hard surfaces or make murals.

  • Usually, concrete walkway professionals use pea gravel to create highly appealing, robust, and durable drives to enhance the overall architecture of a home.
  • Kids’ playground: As you already know, children’s playgrounds need to be both colorful and full of creativity. And this is the primary reason why pea gravel is commonly used to enhance the appearance of the local playground in terms of color. Pea gravel is not only highly attractive and gorgeous but is also safe for children to play on, particularly during those rainy days when the water can easily sip through the layers of pea gravel and get infiltrated into the mud beneath, creating a dry and safe ground for children to play on.
  • Made-made waterfalls or fountains: Integrating pea gravel into your artificial landscaping aspects such as fountains and waterfalls can be a fantastic way to boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Generally, pea gravel is hugely beneficial to have if you are looking to plant some plants at the bottom of the fountain or waterfall. Pea gravel will look incredibly beautiful when combined with the reflection of underwater lighting.
  • Aquariums: Pea gravel also looks great in aquariums. And what’s even more encouraging is that you can easily find pea gravel at your local cement companies. When added to aquariums, pea gravel not only helps keep your aquarium plants as well as corals in one place but equally ensures all the unwanted or excessive particles remain at the bottom of the tank. And this leaves both you and your aquatic animals looking clean at all times.
  • Garden landscaping: All gardening experts agree that there is no better way to permanently transform the color of your garden or even flower boxes than the addition of pea gravel to these elements. Pea gravel is a highly versatile material that will not only keep the surface dry but will also help direct water downwards. But above all, pea gravel will significantly boost your garden’s aesthetics, and this is especially true if you are contemplating designing a Zen garden.

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