Is Stamped Concrete Durable as a Flooring Option?

As concrete evolves to become a reliable decorative element for homes, ingenious methods of incorporating it in homes have emerged as well. Stamped concrete, a type of decorative concrete, has emerged as a popular building material of choice for both indoor and outdoor flooring.

Its popularity is expected to grow, and its global market growth rate is expected to increase by 6.2% by 2023. As its use in home remodels and new constructions increases, the question arises ‘is stamped concrete durable?

Here is all you need to know about the reliability and long wear of a stamped concrete floor.

Stamped Concrete: What Is It?

Stamped concrete is a type of decorative concrete which is poured onto the ground and given a specific shape by casting molds on to it while it is still wet. This is done to mimic the visual appeal, texture, and style of natural stone.

It is a cheaper alternative to installing real stones for floor remodeling with current stamped concrete designs able to mimic material such as stone, wood, and bricks down to the indentations naturally found in organic material.

It is available in a plethora of hues and textures can be customized to any size and width depending on the preference of the homeowner. The current staining techniques are either done by mixing the tint in the concrete mixture or spraying and sealing a layer over the surface.

As you opt for stamped concrete as a material to upgrade your home, here are a few pros and cons to consider regarding its durability.

Durability Compared to Standard Concrete

The process of making stamped concrete is pretty simple as wet concrete is poured on the floor and mold cast onto it to create specific designs. Concrete normally has a psi of 3000 to 4000; however, the compressive strength depends on the curing process.

Ideal curing conditions can assure your stamped concrete is of superior strength and exhibits noticeable durability. If adequate weather, temperature, and moisture are lacking, the end result may suffer in performance.

However, the stamped concrete floor is created to have a dense surface, and the use of color and tint hardeners create a layer of protection over the flooring. This gives it enhanced durability in comparison to regular concrete, making it last at least 25 years.

This protective layer can also offer protection from oil leaking from vehicles, given regular upkeep is conducted as well.

Durability Compared to Paver Stones

In contrast to concrete, paver stones have a pressure tolerance of up to 8000 psi, making them extremely durable against harsh weather conditions. They are also better at tackling UV rays and tend to lose less tint in comparison to stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete is added on the surface of the ground and is fixed in an immovable position. Hence, in case you want to remove it, you would need to extract the flooring completely.

The stamped concrete floor is also susceptible to damage from sinkholes and moving soil underneath the ground. The support can break apart, and it is possible for cracks or breaks to appear on the surface. In contrast to pavers, which are highly durable and stable against sinkholes and ground heaving, stamped concrete has limited durability.

Professional Installation: Enhance the Durability of Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete floor can have a longer life if installed by professional stamped concrete floor contractors. They ensure higher durability and less damage from ground movement by ensuring that the soil is compacted well, and the floor is least 4 inches thick.

Skilled contractors ensure the concrete is cured to its optimum and placed with proper joints. The use of polymeric sand between the spacing of stamped concrete keeps the floor from being slippery. It also helps to retain its immaculate condition for years.

If you prefer your floor to mimic the look and durability of stone but on a budget, then stamped concrete installations are a suitable choice, given they are installed by a professional stamped concrete floor contractors.

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