Maintenance Tips For Stamped Concrete In Centerline, MI 

Stamped concrete is used in all kinds of projects. This is one of the reasons why commercial property owners in Centerline, MI are choosing stamped concrete for patios, theme parks, driveways, and malls. Similar to conventional concrete, this stamped concrete variant is durable. However, it offers a more decorative appeal. Here are the other major reasons why stamped concrete is chosen by most homeowners and business owners:

  • It requires reduced long-term maintenance
  • It is customizable
  • It is less labor-intensive compared to other surface materials
  • Offers Improved longevity
  • Enhances property resale value

While stamped surfaces are durable and need low maintenance, some Centerline, MI property owners still cannot care adequately. Routine maintenance is critical to retain both integrity and beauty of stamped concrete. Here are some tips to help maintain stamped concrete:

Clean Stamped Concrete From Time To Time

Like conventional concrete, stamped surfaces can provide years of service. But they must be installed and also maintained properly. Depending on its exposure conditions, stamped concrete requires routine cleaning. Keeping stamped concrete clean helps avoid the buildup of dirt and can potentially degrade the sealant.

Routine cleaning of stamped concrete is quite simple. Sweep and then wash the surface once in a while to prevent the buildup of dirt. You can simply use a garden hose, push broom, and mild detergent.

Pro Tip: Stay away from any type of harsh chemical cleaners like ammonia and bleach. Even in their diluted state, the cleaners may discolor the concrete finish.

Resealing Concrete

The advantages of concrete resealing are aplenty. Any standard concrete sealer will tell you that your concrete is capable of resisting weather elements, grease, oil stains, water, and abrasion. What’s even better – it brings out the natural beauty of the concrete, making cleaning effortless. Here are some other great benefits:

· Improves concrete longevity

· Enhances appearance

· Adds to your business or home’s value

· It is easy to use and inexpensive

· Reduces cracking and/or flaking

· Protects from oil spills

· Is mold and mildew resistant

There are different kinds of protective sealers available in the market today. If you are unsure which one will be best for your business or property, discuss with a professional.

Outdoor stamped surfaces in any commercial property are highly prone to stains like grease spills, stains, and tire marks. Cleaning these will need a quality pressure washer. However, be careful when using pressure washing machines as they can cause damage to the sealer used. The best thing to do would be to call professionals for maximized results.

Getting Rid Of Stains

It is a good idea to clean grease and oil spills right away. Also, do not let water stand on the patio or driveway for days or even hours.

Concluding Thoughts

Centerline, MI homeowners must note that this is not an exhaustive list of tips when it comes to maintaining stamped concrete. So, if you have more queries or need more tips or specific solutions to problems, connect with a stamped concrete professional in Centerline, MI.

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