Myths About Stamped Concrete

Myths About Stamped Concrete

Just like many other building materials, stamped concrete has acquired quite a list of myths about its reliability as a building material. Many homeowners love the idea of stamped concrete, but are hesitant to use it in their hardscape projects because they’ve heard from a friend that it isn’t a good product. Early on, stamped concrete may have had some issues, but in the 40 plus years that stamped concrete has been popular, it has improved and the technology has changed. Many of the myths we hear from clients are no longer a concern and have long been resolved thanks to advances in concrete science. Here’s a look at some of our favorite stamped concrete myths…

Myth #1 – Stamped concrete is very slick

Reality – Concrete is a really amazing building product. It can be poured and treated in a variety of ways, creating a multitude of textures, looks and colors. Depending on the look you are wanting or the location of the concrete we have many stamp options that can give textures that range from rough like sand paper to smooth like glass. We can also seal and polish your concrete which changes the look and texture of your stamped concrete. Yes, some stamps and textures aren’t great for your pool patio, because they are slick, but with good planning and understanding of the project, we can help you select the right concrete and the right texture.

Myth #2 – Stamped concrete cracks easier.

Reality – Here’s the thing, concrete cracks. We would never tell you that your concrete won’t crack. Just like pavers eventually shift and move, concrete will eventually crack. However, stamped or stained concrete isn’t more prone to cracking or cracking quicker than regular concrete. The strength of concrete is determined by the way it is mixed and poured. Improperly mixed or poured grey concrete will crack just as easily as stained or stamped concrete treated in the same manner. The other factor that affects longevity of your concrete is the weather when the concrete is poured.

Myth #3 – Stamped and stained concrete fades

Reality – Anything placed outdoors that is exposed to UV radiation from the sun will have some change over time. Soft items like paint, plastics and upholstery are most prone to fading, but over time, and this is a long time, stained concrete may fade. We can seal your new stamped and stained concrete surface to increase longevity, but at some point in time you may notice slight fading in your concrete.

Myth #4 – Decorative concrete looks fake

Reality – Yes, decorative concrete can look bad. Just like pavers can look bad. The quality of your decorative concrete is directly related to the quality of your contractor. If you hire a contractor that doesn’t have good experience installing decorative concrete, it will look fake. This can also be said of DIY projects as well. To get the best result and to have a product that looks natural and attractive, you need to hire a contractor that has many years of experience installing decorative concrete.

Stamped and stained concrete is a great way to get a beautiful driveway, sidewalk or patio at a fraction of the cost of stone or brick pavers. Decorative concrete has come a long way in the last few years, and when you hire Flat Rock Construction to install your new concrete hard surface, you can rest assured that the end product will be beautiful and last for many years. To schedule an estimate please call us today at (248) 379-0250 or (586) 726-6091.

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