Oakland County Concrete Contractor Shares 3 Design Ideas for Stamped Concrete Patios

Did you know you might be missing out on an essential part of outdoor living? If you don’t have a stamped concrete patio you’re missing out on precious time with friends and family. Unlike traditional wooden patios, stamped concrete patios will stay like new longer with less need for maintenance. Not to mention, with the money saved on installation and maintenance, you could enhance other parts of your outdoor living space with a concrete walkway or fire pit.

With stamped concrete patios there are plenty of design options to choose from that not possible without other patio materials. Concrete patios can be poured and stamped into any size, shape or pattern imaginable. Keep reading as we look at a few different stamped concrete patio ideas that will give your home the ultimate curb appeal.

Add a Decorative Border to Your Concrete Patio

Why not dress up your stamped concrete pattern with a colored border?

You will want to choose a border stain that compliments the color of your concrete patio, while at the same time has enough contrast to really stand out. If you have a fire pit or walkway connected to your patio, using the same decorative border around those elements is a unique and simple way to customize your patio design.

A Concrete Fire Pit is Great for Entertaining

Many homeowners are blurring the lines between their indoor and outdoor living areas by making their backyards as comfortable as the other rooms in their home. A stamped concrete patio is a perfect place to add a cozy fire pit for those summer gatherings.

Installing a fire pit creates more of a fun, campfire setting than an outdoor fireplace as seating is available all around the fire pit. Not to mention, the cost of a concrete fire pit will be significantly less than a traditional outdoor fireplace.

Stamped Concrete Medallions

With stamped concrete patios, the possibilities are just about endless.  In addition to the various stamp patterns, colors and sizes, you can also add custom accent pieces such as medallions.

Use a custom medallion to make a single design statement or even choose an accent piece that ties into an existing theme of your home. Some examples of these medallions may be the outline of a compass, butterfly, sun, brick patterns and more.

I Need a FREE ESTIMATE for a Stamped Concrete Patio in Oakland County

Finding the right design for your stamped concrete patio can be quite challenging if you do not know what to look for. Therefore, if you’re still new to stamped concrete patios, consult with an Oakland County concrete contractor for the best design options for your space and budget.

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