Planning for Repairs? Try to Include Exposed Concrete into Your Home

Troy, MI, experiences extreme weather conditions — the county experiences both extreme summers as well as extremely harsh winters, and all seasons leave their mark in the form of normal wear and tear. It is, therefore, not very surprising that before the beginning of a new season, all Troy, MI, homeowners create a list of home-related wear and tears they must take care of. If you are planning to undertake a repair and renovation project anytime soon, we recommend incorporating exposed aggregate in your home. Read on, we explain our reasons behind this recommendation, but before we do that let us explain what is exposed aggregate.

Exposed concrete is a type of decorative concrete, in fact, one of the oldest in the world. This type of concrete is made by removing the top layer of cement from concrete. This leaves the surface underneath completely exposed, giving the cement a look resembling that of marble or granite.

Benefits of Using Exposed Concrete

Now that you know what is exposed concrete and how it is made, let us look at why is exposed concrete a good construction material and why you must incorporate it into your home.

  • Since exposed concrete resembles marble or granite, it gives homes a luxurious look while being completely pocket-friendly.
  • As mentioned before, exposed concrete is pocket-friendly. In fact, it is one of the most inexpensive construction materials currently available in the market.
  • The process of creating exposed concrete is such that the final product is textured and therefore, skid-resistant and completely easy to maintain.
  • Lastly, exposed concrete is quite easy to maintain. Troy, MI, homeowners planning to incorporate exposed concrete into their homes must make sure that the concrete has been installed properly and has settled well. Once this part of the process is over, all the concrete requires is regular sweeping and resealing after every two years.

Here’s How You Can Include Exposed Concrete into Your Home

Here are a few areas in your home where exposed concrete will look good.

  • To start with, exposed concrete looks especially good on patios and porches. Patios and porches are prone to cracks and stains. Exposed concrete works well on patios and porches since it is a highly sturdy material and does not crack easily. Further, it is much easier to remove stains from exposed concrete than any other material.
  • Find ways to include exposed concrete in your driveway. Driveways experience very high traffic and therefore, often develop cracks. Since exposed concrete is sturdy, it does well in driveways.
  • Lastly, use exposed concrete to make your pool deck. As mentioned before, exposed concrete is designed in such a way that its top surface becomes textured. This textured surface makes exposed concrete skid-resistant, which in turn, makes it ideal to be used around the pool area.

Summing Up

The many, many benefits associated with exposed concrete make it one of the best construction materials and thus, you must find ways to incorporate it in your Troy, MI, home. However, make sure to find someone reliable and trustworthy to do the job. Exposed concrete works well only when installed properly and when it has settled well.

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