Renovating Your Home in Rochester Hills, MI Using Exposed Aggregate

Every season comes with its fair share of activities. The upcoming season offers a reasonable period of doing home improvements and renovations, such as taking care of wear and tear in various aspects of your home. If you’re thinking of renovating your home in Rochester Hills, MI, you should consider using exposed aggregate.

You May Ask, What’s Exposed Aggregate?

Well, exposed aggregate is a form of decorative concrete created when the top layer of the cement is eliminated. The removal of the cement’s top layer exposes the patterns underneath to create concrete that resembles marble or granite. It’s one of the oldest decorative concrete and offers many benefits, which we discuss below.

Benefits of Using Exposed Aggregate in Home Renovation

Exposed aggregate is becoming a popular material in Rochester Hill, MI, for good reasons. Many homeowners are associating it with many benefits, including:

· It makes a home look magnificent and elegant. Exposed aggregate has different patterns that make a home look polished. It has a granite- or marble-like finish that gives your home a posh look

· They are skid resistant. We’ve already mentioned that exposed aggregate is made by eliminating the top layer of cement, which leaves the top surface looking textured. The exposed, textured surface is skid-resistant

· Ease of maintenance. Exposed concrete is very easy to maintain. If installed properly by professionals, all that’s needed on your side is to wash and sweep it regularly and have it resealed every two or three years to maintain its flawless appearance

· It’s a cheaper alternative to granite and marble, making it ideal for homeowners who undertake renovation on a budget

All these benefits of exposed concrete make it a highly coveted material for home renovation in Rochester Hills, MI.

Where Can You Use Exposed Aggregate

If you’re planning to upgrade your home or yard, here are several renovation ideas to help you make your home look flawlessly beautiful:

· In patios and porches. One of the most popular areas where exposed aggregate is used is porches and patios. Patios and porches tend to develop stains and cracks over time. Further, Rochester Hills, MI is prone to experiencing harsh winter seasons, which accelerate damages on patios. With exposed aggregate, you can cost-effectively undertake renovations of your patio. Not only will your porches and patios look beautiful, but they’ll also stay attractive for a long time since exposed aggregate is highly durable

· On your driveway. Driveways often develop marks and stains due to the high traffic they experience. Exposed aggregate makes an excellent material for use on your driveway as it’s easy to clean, maintain, and durable

· Around your pool deck. The textured surface of the exposed aggregate makes it skid-resistant, which means that it makes an ideal material for use around pool decks


Exposed aggregate offers many benefits and can be used in many areas of your home. If you’re planning to undertake renovation for your Rochester Hills, MI home, you should consider this material. Just find certified exposed aggregate experts to undertake installation work.

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