Repairing Concrete Driveways in Macomb County Michigan

Everyone in Macomb County, Michigan who has a concrete driveway knows what a wise investment it is. Concrete driveways are durable and long-lasting. It’s a home improvement purchase in Macomb County that easily translates to a smart investment. And even though concrete driveways in Macomb County, Michigan hold up well over a long period of time, they are prone to discoloration and cracks.

They are especially susceptible to damage if their owners neglect them. However, even if you are diligent in basic care, your concrete driveway will show signs of damage to some degree eventually.

There are factors in Macomb County, Michigan that prompt concrete driveways to deteriorate. Among them are harsh weather conditions and inadequate materials. This is relevant because a concrete driveway can only be repaired properly and effectively if the cause of the damage has been correctly identified. In other words, the ways you repair your Macomb County, Michigan concrete driveway is based upon the cause of the damage.

Here is how your Macomb County, Michigan driveway can be repaired based upon the damage it has incurred.

Engraving   With incidental cracks or discoloration, a concrete driveway can be repaired through what is referred to as concrete engraving. This means the concrete driveway is stained so it has a fresh look. It is then routed which means that lines are engraved in the concrete; the lines, once routed, the lines that have been routed look like grout lines in terms of their shape, yet they have no color.

Resurfacing A damaged concrete driveway is resurfaced by pouring an overlay – which is cement-based – over it.   This overlay sticks to the driveway’s surface thus lending it a smooth surface that is like new. It hardens and strengthens as it dries. You will – on average- have to wait a day before you drive on it. This method is efficient and easy, and it certainly is a good option in lieu of having a totally new driveway installed.

An added advantage of this process for Macomb County residents with concrete driveways is that you’re afforded the opportunity to customize the finish to your driveway ending it an even more elevated appearance.

Reversing the discoloration   Concrete driveways discolor for a range of reasons – from oil stains, sunlight, grease and a myriad of other things. It’s relatively easy to reverse the discoloration. By applying a water-based or acid stain, the original hue of the concrete can be revived. This adds longevity to the concrete driveway while beautifying it.

Lifting the concrete   This pertains to concrete parking lots.   Essentially, sometimes parking lots can sink. Typically caused when the contacted subgrade is poor or the soil erodes, this process is called “slab jacking”. It’s quite self-explanatory actually; in effect, the concrete gets lifted back up to its initial position.

Mixing cement, fly ash, sand, and various additives, this process involves pumping the mixture below the surface. The best news – especially for Macomb County Michigan residents – is that slab jacking can be done in any type of weather conditions.

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