Shelby Twp. Concrete Company Lists Pool Deck Design Ideas

If you are having an indoor swimming pool installed, the pool itself is not the only design consideration of this project. Installing the right pool deck will have a huge impact on your overall pool experience.

When you are not in the pool you and your guests will likely be lounging on your deck or even enjoying dinner parties poolside. For this reason, you will want to give as much thought and planning to the deck as you do your pool.

Concrete is an ideal pool deck material as it provides a no slip surface, durability and low maintenance. But your concrete does not have to be plain, grey colored cement that is simply a utilitarian structure. There are several decorative concrete options available that will enhance any swimming pool.

Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

Stamped concrete pool decks are installed by stamping a pattern or texture into the concrete before it dries.

This is a popular choice among homeowners that like the look of brick pavers but want something less expensive and low maintenance.  Instead of laying individual pavers or cobblestones, a pattern resembling these stones will be stamped into the concrete.

You are not limited to the brick paver design either. You can choose basically any color, texture or stamp resulting in a look that is truly unique and perhaps offers design versatility far beyond any other deck materials.

Exposed Aggregate Pool Decks

The exposed aggregate finish is created by adding an aggregate (decorative rocks, quartzite or crushed glass) to the concrete mixture. The finished product is a texture that exposes the small stones and pebbles.

These exposed stones and pebbles or aggregate provide a rugged non-slip surface, making it the perfect material for your pool deck.

Not only will exposed aggregate create a non-slick surface, your design options are virtually limitless as you can choose from various colors of concrete and incorporate different colors and sizes of decorative rocks and crushed glass.

Combine Different Materials and Patterns

Having trouble deciding between exposed aggregate or stamped concrete? Combine both materials. A popular design technique is to install a stamped concrete pool deck  and then add a decorative border made out of exposed aggregate or the other way around.  You can also create contrast by alternating between different stamps or patterns.

Additional Concrete Pool Deck Design Tips

  • If your pool deck will be receiving a lot of sun, you can choose a lighter colored stamped concrete or exposed aggregate to keep the surface cooler.
  • Avoid using stamp patterns with deep grout lines as water may pool in these areas creating more risk for slips and falls
  • Create different levels of the pool deck to provide separate areas for lounging or enjoying meals.

I am Looking for a Shelby Twp. Concrete Company to Install My Pool Deck

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