Simple Tips on How to Incorporate Exposed Aggregate in Your White Lake, MI, Home

Every new season brings with it new joys. However, every season also leaves signs of wear and tear while leaving. Homeowners around the country prepare for the next season by making a list of things around their house — wear and tears they must take care of before welcoming the new season. White Lake, MI, homeowners are no different. If you are planning to renovate your White Lake, MI, homes or are simply gearing yourself up to take care of the minor damages you see here and there, add a point to your to-do list: find ways to add exposed aggregate to your home. Why? We give you all the details in this article. However, let us start by explaining what exposed aggregate is.

What Is Exposed Aggregate?

Exposed aggregate is one of the oldest decorative concretes. You will easily find it in old architectural marvels and buildings. Exposed aggregate is made following a very typical procedure. During this procedure, the top layer of cement is removed, leaving the layers underneath completely exposed. This procedure also gives exposed aggregate a very polished and refined look. In fact, architects have preferred this construction material for ages now as it very closely resembles granite and marble, both of which give structures an exquisite appeal.

Benefits Associated with Exposed Aggregate

So, why should you use exposed aggregate in your White Lake, MI, home? Here is your answer.

  • As mentioned before, exposed aggregate looks very similar to marble and granite. Therefore, the use of this construction material lends homes grandeur and charm.
  • The exposed aggregate looks like granite and marble. However, it is much, much cheaper than both. If you are looking for a construction material that will look regal but won’t break your bank, exposed aggregate is the answer.
  • The process of making exposed aggregate is such that the final material is textured, which is a good thing. Its textured surface makes exposed aggregate skid-resistant and safe to be used in all kinds of weather.
  • Exposed aggregate is quite easy to maintain. Once installed and settled properly, all this material needs is regular cleaning and washing to keep its shine.
  • Exposed aggregate is sturdy and will easily last decades.

Use Exposed Aggregate in These Areas of Your Home

Now that we have you convinced, let us give you some ideas regarding where, in your house, will this construction material go well.

  • White Lake, MI, experiences harsh winters and even harsher summers. Therefore, patios and porches in this area develop cracks quite easily. If you are tired of dealing with cracks in your patios and porches, consider getting an exposed aggregate patio.
  • You can also use exposed aggregate in your driveways. Driveways experience heavy traffic and therefore, develop cracks and are prone to wear to tear. Since exposed aggregate is a sturdy material, it takes heavy loads easily without breaking.
  • Lastly, use exposed aggregate in your swimming pool area. Exposed aggregate is skid-resistant. Therefore, the use of material around the pool area makes the pool deck slip-resistant and therefore, safe for everyone, including kids.

Final Words

Deciding to incorporate exposed aggregate in your White Lake, MI, home is a decision you will regret never. However, once you have decided to use this material in your home, make sure to hire the right person for the job and trust only the very best.

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