Simple Tips on How to Maintain Stamped Concrete in Clinton Twp, MI

In Clinton Twp, MI, you will find stamped concrete everywhere. It has been abundantly used in public areas, and many Clinton Twp, MI, homeowners use it around their house. It makes sense too — after all, stamped concrete is so beautiful to look at that it makes every area of a home look charming. It’s available in different colours and patterns, and therefore, paucity of options is never a problem. Stamped concrete is quite sturdy, and it easily lasts many long years. However, much like any other construction material, stamped concrete also requires proper care and attention.

This article is a must-read for all Clinton Twp, MI, homeowners who have used stamped concrete in some of the other areas of their homes. In this article, we discuss simple maintenance tips that will keep your stamped concrete structures looking beautiful and new.

Simple Tips on How to Maintain Stamped Concrete

Clean Your Stamped Concrete Structures Frequently

Unlike wood or brick, which require frequent cleaning and too much hard work, stamped concrete does not demand too much of your time. To clean your stamped concrete structures, prepare a soap and water mix and use this liquid to clean the area. If your stamped concrete has developed stains and you see debris everywhere, go to the supermarket and buy cleaning products containing biocides. These products are quite effective against stubborn stains. However, make sure to use a soft-bristled brush and nothing too hard to get rid of the stains. Further, remember that while it is completely okay to use products with biocides, one must not use chemical cleaners containing ammonia or bleach, on stamped concrete.

While it is not difficult to get rid of stains and debris from stamped concrete, one must try and not let a mark reach a stubborn state. Use a leaf blower once a week — this will help you get rid of the debris present on the surface. Further, if you have used stamped concrete in the indoor areas of your home, regular brooming and wiping with a mop will be enough to keep the concrete clean and new. However, if you have used stamped concrete in the outdoor areas of your home, you might need to pressure wash the area regularly to keep it looking beautiful. You must also stop water from settling on concrete — this will give more life to your concrete.

Reseal Regularly

If you wish to maintain the health of your stamped concrete structures, make sure to reseal the concrete regularly. The sealant will protect your stamped concrete against the damaging effect of harsh weather conditions, such as scorching heat and snow, both of which are quite common in Clinton Twp, MI. So, how often must you reseal your concrete? The answer is once after every two to three years. However, know that resealing concrete is no easy task and requires expertise and skill. So, do not make resealing concrete a DIY project. Instead, do some research and find the best professional you can find in town to do the job. Ask your friends for recommendations and know that the interest is the best place to look for suggestions if you are clueless about how to find the right professional for the job.

We hope the tips and tricks provided in this article will help you keep your concrete structures looking beautiful and clean.

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