Six signs it’s time for a new driveway

Although you may have a beautiful home in the best neighborhood your driveway can take away from your curb appeal if it’s crumbling to rubble. If that is the case not only does it bring down the curb appeal and possibly depreciate your properties value you almost would prefer not to have company due to comments that could be made. Also, there is a safety hazard that it could present, here are six reasons to consider a new driveway for your home.

  1. You should look for cracks

Has it become apparent your driveway has an issue with cracks? Cracks form over time and only worsen with spilled or leaking oil, salts used for removal of ice in the cold months and freezing water that absorbs into cracks and then expands when temperatures drop causing your driveway to separate further.

Small cracks are not necessarily threatening if treated properly but deep, long and wide cracks can defiantly be a warning sign that your driveway may need replacing. When this is the case a complete replacement is advised, however, if you chose to patch these locations keep in mind that they will appear much darker and take away from curb appeal as well.

  1. Potholes and the risks that come with them

Potholes form when the earth under your concrete expands and contracts with weather sinking down and cracking your concrete and then caving in to form a pothole. Potholes are eyesores and tripping hazards but can be costly as well. Over time driving over potholes can cause wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension and tires.

Potholes too can be repaired but that doesn’t solve the problem of the expanding and contracting soil so the pothole will return so the patch is but a temporary solution at best. Replacing your driveway is a much better solution especially with the advances in the concrete today that are more durable to the expanding and contracting soil issue this technology wasn’t present decades ago.

  1. Drainage can become an issue

When your driveway is new drainage should not be an issue but if not installed correctly and water finds its way to low spots and sits it can lead to cracks and potholes.

Curbing or drains may be an option of eliminating drainage issues. Sometimes it is still required to replace the whole driveway in order to install these applications though.

  1. The weathered and rough appearance

Ultraviolet rays over time can oxidize your driveway giving it a faded and unwanted appearance. If fading has become present a total replacement may be recommended. With the sun cooking the concrete over time it takes away from the strength of the concrete. There are methods to bring concrete back to its original color.

  1. Sealing is the key

If you have a concrete or asphalt driveway a little maintenance goes a long way. Resealing your driveway is recommended every 2 years. With resealing your driveway it will give add years to your driveways life span cutting down on repair or replacement costs. Without utilizing this method cracking, chipping, potholes, and broken edges lie just around the corner, in the end, calling for a replacement of your driveway.

  1. When it’s time its time

If your driveway has been in service for 15-20 years it has served its duty. Inevitably all the problems mentioned above no matter how diligent on maintenance you are will begin to rear its head. At this point, you should seriously consider a new driveway.

For any questions and concerns regarding the installation of new concrete driveway contact Flat Rock Concrete contractors at any time.

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