Some Information on Different Types of Curbs

Head-on parking spaces are a menace. Unfortunately, scarcity of space has made them ubiquitous. One finds them everywhere one goes. Those of us who find head-on parking spaces tiring are especially thankful for parking curbs that make these parking spaces safe. In Oakland, Twp, MI, one can find parking curbs almost everywhere, and yet most homeowners do not know what parking curbs are and what function they serve. Similarly, they also do not have any idea about the different kinds of parking curbs and the different purposes that each different type of parking curb serves. In this article, we discuss the five different types of parking curbs and the function they serve in various areas of Oakland Twp, MI.

Monolithic Curbs

Monolithic curbs are also often referred to as Integral or Fused Curbs as their design is such that they appear fused with the area where they are placed. Commonly installed around concrete and asphalt pathways and driveways, these curbs are used to create a smooth area for big vehicles to pass through the driveway or pavement without causing any damage to the driveway or pathway.

Barrier Curbs

In Oakland Twp, MI, you will find barrier curbs almost everywhere. Many people refer to Barrier Curbs as Straight Curbs. Barrier or straight curbs are made from either concrete or asphalt and look quite aesthetically pleasing. Thus, barrier curbs are not only found in commercial areas but many Oakland Twp, MI, homeowners also install them around their homes. However, these curbs mostly line parking spaces and are essentially used to create a safe space between vehicles in crowded areas. Straight curbs also keep pedestrians away from vehicles, thereby also helping to keep vehicles safe.

Rolling Curbs

Rolling Curbs are a type of barrier curb. The only difference is that rolling curbs have a slanted construction. In simple words, rolling curbs are designed in such a way that vehicles can move over them. One can easily find these curbs in many Oakland Twp, MI, malls where they serve as the surface over which trolleys and shopping carts can easily move.

Mower Curbs

In Oakland Twp, MI, you will find mower curbs on the lawns of many homeowners. These curbs are almost essential for those homeowners who want perfectly trimmed grass on their lawns. Mower curbs protect the flower bed from the damaging effect of the lawnmower. The best thing about mower curbs is that they are available in different colors and sizes, and therefore, one gets the option to choose whatever color and size goes best with their home.

Slanted Curbs

Slanted curbs are similar to mower curbs in terms of design. However, the two differ in their functions. While mower curbs protect lawns from the damaging effect of lawnmowers, slanted curbs primarily serve an aesthetic purpose — they beautify a whole home.


Parking curbs do much more beyond adding charm to a place — they serve functional purposes too. If you are a homeowner in Oakland Twp, MI, who wants to get parking curbs installed, we have a suggestion: always hire experts to do the job. Parking curbs are not easy to install, and therefore, only an expert can do the job well.

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