The benefits of having exposed aggregate concrete

Something that has become a trend in home landscaping is hardscaping for the purpose of aesthetics. We as homeowners know that our driveway is very important and we should choose a style of the driveway that suits our functionality and the looks of our home. With this being the entry point to your home it’s the first impression so it’s imperative that your driveway makes an impression on your guests. Not only for your guest you’re hardscaping will add to the character of your street making your neighborhood more impressionable as well. With that in mind utilizing exposed aggregated concrete as your hardscaping choice can set your driveway apart from all the rest. Here is but a small list of why using exposed aggregated concrete might be what you’re looking for to add what you need for your hardscaping purposes.

Looks make a difference

Let’s take a look at the obvious benefits of using exposed aggregated concrete for your hardscaping before looking into the technical reasons. The first reason is it is very ecstatically pleasing to the eye. As a homeowner, you would like to have our homes look they’re very best. We need to have an amazing-looking driveway to make sure that is the case. To not at least consider exposed aggregated for this purpose would be a terrible oversight. This style can also bring depth to your backyard and could be utilized for various applications on almost all of your hardscaping in your yard as well. So your options are limitless for the hardscaping customization of your yard. It can also be applied to the theme of the interior of your home as well as tying all of your home design together for a perfect balance.

Durability is always a plus

Another benefit of exposed aggregated concrete is its durability. Concrete in itself is very durable but in its smooth form, it’s subject to cracking and chipping with Exposed aggregated hardscaping is much less likely. The theory is that the gravel sand matrix in exposed aggregated concrete is more durable due to the water to the concrete ratio in the finishing process. It is also hard-wearing so it will, in the end, last longer and keeps its look longer as well.

Save money on maintenance

People are leaning more toward this style as well because of the low cost of the upkeep of the hardscaping. To get the exposed look we just wash the concrete with water till it looks how we want it to and then seal it. The only real maintenance required is the recommended resealing every two years unlike with finished concrete where you can have staining which requires special chemicals for cleaning, chipping, sinking, and cracking which requires replacement of that area most of the time so this is actually the most cost-effective method and by far more aesthetically pleasing.


A major reason that so many people are switching is that they are easily installed. And doesn’t require as much to install thus saving you the homeowner. It was addressed earlier that maintenance is very low and cost-effective. This just adds to the enticement of having exposed aggregated hardscaping for your own hardscaping needs.

Safety from the anti-skid prospective

Let’s not forget about safety. Concrete already has a gritty surface making it anti-skid. When you add the exposed aggregated aspect to it you then have less of a skid factor as well as in those cold winter months walking on it is a bit safer than finished concrete. Overall, exposed aggregated concrete is something worth looking into we would love to answer any of your hardscaping questions about the installation of exposed aggregated concrete. Please feel free to contact flat rock concrete contractors for any of your needs.

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