The Trending Costs of Stamped Concrete Patio

The Trending Costs of Stamped Concrete Patio

It’s all about the design. The design of a stamped concrete patio is the main thing on which its cost of installation depends. If you want to install a stamped concrete patio, then this article will give you an idea of how much it’ll cost.

For those who don’t know, stamped concrete is designed to create elegant patterns for driveways and patios. Stamped concrete is made by mixing water and cement. A sandy substance is added to the mixture, depending on the kind of look and design homeowners wish to achieve. Once the mixture is poured into molds, the installer stamps the preferred design onto it.

The Basic Patio Designs

With basic we mean simple. The simple designs of stamped concrete patios are not going to cost you much. This is because these designs involve the same pattern and only one color is used for the entire patio. If you’re able to choose the right pattern and color for your patio, it can uplift the look of your whole house.

The Intermediate Patio Designs

The intermediate designs of stamped concrete patios come in a variety of colors for homeowners to choose from. Homeowners can install these designs in three colors with a pattern on only one color and the other two colors acting as the border. In fact, homeowners can create numerous aesthetically appealing designs.

The Fancy Patio Designs

These designs are high-end, classy, and expensive. The reason why these designs are expensive is that they’re made by using a variety of methods to achieve the desired effect. One of the methods is saw-cutting. This method is used to create custom designs and requires a highly skilled installer to accomplish the desired design. Another method for designing fancy designs is hand coloring. This method involves staining the concrete to make it look like stone or wood.

The Benefits of Stamped Concrete Patios

The biggest advantage homeowners get by installing stamped concrete patio is that it’s easy and cost-effective to maintain it. The poured concrete patio is the cheapest of all options and the most expensive option is marble, slate, and stone.

Choosing the Contractor

In order to install stamped concrete patios, highly skilled and professional contractors must be hired in order to accomplish the desired look with perfection. Contractors who don’t have sufficient experience in this department end up doing an unsatisfactory job.

It’s very important for homeowners to take at least three quotes from different contractors to make sure the price they settle on is competitive. For installing stamped concrete patios at trending prices, contact Concrete Flat Rock Construction today and pick the design you think will boost the aesthetic appeal of your house.  We can be reached at (248) 379-0250 or (586) 726-6091.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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