The Various Types Of Parking Curbs In Eastpointe, MI 

Curbs are short walls usually installed to hold pavements from sides. They act as guards between the yard and the street. They are also generally abutted with a gutter or a flat concrete slab, which drains water away from your yard. Usually, the curb and the gutter are constructed at the site. Parking curbs keep cars in the right place, especially in head-on parking spaces, and are essential to prevent accidents. It is important to know about the various kinds of parking curbs as each type serves a different function. Here are the five different types of parking curbs you will see in Eastpointe, MI.

Barrier Curbs

Barrier curbs, also known as straight curbs, are the most common curbs worldwide. As the name signifies, these types of curbs serve as barriers between vehicles and spaces (e.g. stores, sidewalks, and parking spaces). Barrier curbs are made of cement concrete or asphalt aggregates. This is one of the reasons why they easily enhance the aesthetic appeal of a particular place. So, if you are an Eastpointe, MI homeowner who values the look of your property, opt for barrier curbs.

Monolithic Curbs

Monolithic curbs, also known as fused or integral curbs, are fused or constructed with the driveway, road, or pavement. These types of curbs are most common around asphalt and concrete pathways and driveways. The top levels are generally matched to create more traction and thereby, make it easier for the larger vehicles to pass with ease and without damaging the foundation or internal structure of the concrete or asphalt.

Mower Curbs

If your needs are geared toward protecting landscaping and other decorative elements, mower curbs are your ideal choice. Particularly in areas like Eastpointe, MI, these curbs allow lawnmowers and similar equipment to have close, yet restricted access, around garden displays.

Mower curbs help maintain the look of properties without resulting in any kind of damage to the machinery. Mower curbs come in an assortment of colors and shapes so that you can easily blend them with the remaining landscaping elements and design.

Slanted Curbs

Slanted curbs are, in most cases, used for ornamental purposes. Eastpointe, MI homeowners tend to install slanted curbs as they draw more attention toward their property and help them express their style. In terms of appearance, the slanted curbs look similar to mower curbs.

Rolling Curbs

Rolling curbs maintain the same height as barrier curbs. However, they are softer and even more “rolled” than barrier curbs. They usually have a slanted look instead of a vertical appearance and make it is quite easy for vehicles and cars to drive over them. In Eastpointe, MI, you are most likely going to find these parking curbs in several public areas.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are planning to have parking curbs installed, you must pick an option from Eastpointe, MI homeowners around you, and hire the best professional for this job. You can also get in touch with us to know more about curbs or for installation purposes.

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