Tips and Tricks You Can Use to Keep Stamped Concrete Structures Clean and New

Stamped concrete is a popular outdoor flooring material in Ferndale, MI. You’ll find many public areas and private compounds in Ferndale, MI having this outdoor floor.

There are a few reasons stamped concrete is preferred by many homeowners:

· It’s beautiful and thus makes an area look classy

· It’s sturdy and therefore can last for many years

· Stamped concrete is available in different colors and patterns, and thus you can find a color that suits your home’s outdoor themes

However, despite stamped concrete being sturdy, it requires proper care. If you’re considering installing stamped concrete in your Ferndale, MI home or have it already installed, we are here to help you know how to maintain it. Keep reading to learn more

Simple Maintenance Tips on How to Keep Your Stamped Concrete Looking Clean

· Make it a routine to clean them regularly

Although stamped concrete structures do not require to be cleaned as frequently as wood or brick, they still demand care once in a while. Cleaning stamped concrete is easy as a soap and water mixture will do the work.

However, if you notice stains on the surface, you can use cleaning products that contain biocides. These products are effective in cleaning stubborn stains. When brushing the stubborn stains, make sure to use a soft-bristled brush as rubbing too hard will remove the sealant on the stamped concrete surface.

Keep in mind that while cleaning products with biocides are safe to use on stamped concrete structures, you shouldn’t use chemical cleaners containing bleach or ammonia.

Ideally, it would be best if you didn’t let a stain get to a stubborn state. You can prevent this by clearing debris on the surface using a leaf blower. Clean once a week.

Also, you can broom regularly and wipe indoor stamped concrete with a mop to keep the area looking clean and new. For outdoor stamped concrete, use a pressure washing machine to remove debris and stuck-on mud to keep the site looking pristine. In addition, keep water from settling on concrete as this reduces the lifespan of your structure.

· Reseal regularly

Ferndale, MI is known to experience extreme weather, which has a damaging effect on your concrete structures. Harsh weather such as snow and scorching heat destroys the sealant protecting your stamped concrete. That’s why you must reseal your concrete, ideally once every two or three years.

We must mention that resealing concrete requires expertise and skill and thus might not be the best DIY project. You should check the best professional in Ferndale, MI, to do the job to perfection. There’re many professionals specializing in resealing concrete surfaces in Ferndale, MI, and thus you should do some research to find the right professionals.

Professionals You Can Trust

We are your best bet if you’re looking for a reliable company that can undertake cleaning and resealing work on your stamped concrete structures. With years of experience in this field, we have worked with many homeowners and institutions. Give us a call today!

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