Tips for Maintaining Stamped Concrete on a Commercial Property in Troy, Michigan  

An easy way of increasing the beauty of your commercial property in Troy, Michigan is by adding stamped concrete. Stamped concrete can be used in a number of ways such as sidewalks, driveways and stairways. If maintained properly, stamped concrete can appear amazing. However, the slightest negligence can affect the quality of your stamped concrete.

Here are some easy ways of maintaining your stamped concrete in Troy, Michigan.

Keep the Debris Away

The best way to keep your concrete safe and clean is by removing the slightest amount of debris. When organic material rots on your concrete driveway or sidewalk, it affects the sealant that is used to protect the concrete. Once the sealant is damaged, the internal surface gets exposed and after some time starts deteriorating. Furthermore, if you use your property for commercial purposes, your stairways and sidewalks should appear neat and tidy. A dirty sidewalk has a negative impact upon your clients and can even turn them away.

Regular Washing

Regular washing is vital to the maintenance of your stamped concrete. When you wash you sidewalk or the driveway make sure not to use any chemicals. Chemicals damage the sealant, which exposes the concrete to further damage. Instead, low pressure water combined with a regular soap is perfectly fine for washing concrete. If there is mold or mildew, clean it up with a product that contains a biocide. If there are stains use a soft-bristled brush or a broom.

Keep the Snow Off

When it snows in Troy, Michigan, you have to remove the snow from your property to make things easy for the clients. This includes in particular the stamped concrete sidewalks and driveways. The reason to keep the stamped concrete free from snow and ice is because they affect its quality. A regular concrete surface tends to get damaged by expanding and contacting when snow freezes or melts on top of it. Whether you remove the ice yourself or have it removed by a contractor, make sure that salt is not used. The best tool for ice removal is a plastic shovel. Even if you plan to use some ice-melter, make sure it is a non-toxic one.

Reseal the Concrete

Another important part of concrete maintenance is resealing. The sealant that is applied initially only lasts for a limited amount of time. The job of the sealant is to protect the concrete against the harmful exposure to water and sunlight. There is a variety of sealants available in the marketplace. When resealing, ask your contractor to suggest a sealant that lasts for a longer period of time and has the ability to withstand the harmful effects of environmental elements.

If you want to maintain the stamped concrete on your commercial property in Troy, Michigan, make sure to have it inspected by a professional on a monthly basis.

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