Tips on Maintaining Concrete Structures in Clinton Twp, MI homes

For Clinton Twp, MI homeowners looking to maintain their concrete structures for potential long-term benefits. This is due to the fact that concrete is one of the strongest and most robust man-made materials.

The exterior of buildings, driveways, and patios can suffer due to exposure to the elements over time, leading to deterioration. Concrete structures that often come into contact with oil, grease, and other compounds may develop dents.

Understanding how to repair concrete damage will prevent the need for full replacement down the line and avoid further degradation. This guide will take you through practical and proven tips Clinton Twp, MI homes can take to maintain concrete structures.

Use sealant

Clinton Twp, MI homes experience adverse weather conditions that naturally degrade concrete structures. Driveways, patios, and pathways that are subjected to heavy traffic require a concrete sealant to protect the structure from physical damage. Sealants also protect the concrete from absorbing water and salts by blocking the pores in the concrete, which also prevents corrosion and staining. With a bit of professional help, Clinton Twp, MI homes residents can have their concrete structures infused with a sealant.

Carry out regular concrete maintenance

Carrying out regular maintenance of all concrete structures is a sure way to catch any damages and repair cracks that might be showing up on the surface. Nowadays, contractors working in Clinton Twp, MI homes rely on improved adhesive and concrete repair materials allowing them to carry out high-quality repair work.

Regular cleanups also eliminate the need for extended maintenance on concrete structures. This should include regularly sweeping the structure scrubbing with soap and water to remove visible marks and stains. To eliminate many stubborn stains, you should pressure wash pathways, driveways, and concrete patios.

Reduce access to heavy machinery on your concrete driveway

Heavy machinery and equipment exert excessive pressure onto the concrete driveways resulting in dents and eventual erosion. Suppose you must use heavy machinery on your concrete driveway. In that case, you should lay out driveway protection mats that are designed to provide extra traction while redistributing the pressure to prevent damage to the concrete driveway.

Avoid corrosive chemicals

Some chemicals corrode concrete structures by working through the sealant and destroying the structural integrity of the concrete structure. Avoid using certain deicers that can react with sealants. While avoiding dumping fertilizers onto wet concrete as they end up releasing corrosive compounds. If you have heavy usage of chemicals on your site, make sure that any spillages are immediately cleaned up and regularly checked for damages while conducting appropriate maintenance.

Wrap Up

Clinton Twp, MI homeowners looking to maintain their concrete structures can implement the above tips to avoid long-term damages that end up costing more to replace entire structures. As a construction material, concrete is arguably the best invention in the industry, but without regular maintenance and application of a sealant, it can easily get corroded by the elements and chemicals. Concrete structures are bulky, but they can only hold so much weight to limit access to heavy equipment on your concrete driveways.

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