Top Five Reasons To Reseal Concrete In Fraser, MI

Concrete is well known to be a porous material. It can easily absorb fluids. In areas that experience freeze-thaw climates, frozen liquid expansions may even destroy a concrete surface that has not been sealed adequately or resealed. Salt, oil, fertilizers, and other chemicals used for household purposes can also cause unexpected damage to the concrete. As a Fraser, MI homeowner, you would want to ensure that you do all the things possible to make your nicely laid patio or customized concrete pavement look attractive and durable for as long as possible. This article aims to tell you that you can achieve what you want by resealing the concrete.

What Are The Benefits Of Resealing Concrete

Here are some of the major benefits of resealing concrete:

It Inhibits Mold Build-up

Concrete is known to be porous. This means that it absorbs moisture. If the moisture or water does not dry up, it results in the formation of molds. In other words, molds and/or mildew forms on the concrete that are moist for long. It may result in discoloration. The only way to get rid of molds is by resealing the concrete. The process prevents the formation of molds and helps the concrete look as good as new.

It Extends The Lifespan of Concrete

Fraser, MI homeowners must note that changing weather conditions indicate a change in the lifespan of the concrete. Snow, heat, humidity, and other factors influence the longevity of concrete. Concrete resealing is the only solution to such adverse conditions. The process also assures homeowners that their concrete is durable and will last.

In Fraser, MI, the average concrete surface lasts for about 25 years, but if it suffers cracks or some kind of discoloration, you may have to replace it earlier than expected. Sealing increases the durability of concrete. For instance, after resealing, the concrete is likely to survive 25-30 years or more.

Resealing Enhances Concrete Appearance

Concrete discoloration is normal, especially when it has been exposed to harsh weather elements for a prolonged period. With time, such constant exposure makes concrete appear old and dingy. A topical or integral resealing can help you get back the original look and help keep the color intact. It will also offer protection against harsh elements, keeping it sharp and clean for quite a long time.

Resealing Makes It Easier To Maintain Concrete

Most homeowners opt for resealing because it makes it easier to sweep concrete. Regular sweeping ensures that the concrete stays clean. The logic behind this is that an additional layer of sealant makes the concrete smoother.

Resealing Increases The Value Of Your Property

When it comes to buying, selling, or even renting a house in Fraser, MI, flooring is among the most essential aspects that are considered. Resealing your concrete will make it look new, raising the value of the house. This is especially advantageous for concrete that has started looking old or has been used for a long time.

Concluding Remarks

Remember that the type of sealer you choose for resealing concrete will determine when reapplication is required. For instance, integral and topical sealers tend to last longer. Consider resealing your concrete as soon as you can so that it can serve you for years.

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