Top Reasons Why Washington Twp., MI Homeowners Opt For Stamped Concrete

Are you seeking an affordable way to update your property and lend your backyard a customized look? You must consider trying stamped concrete installation. Both cost-effective and appealing, stamped concrete can give the illusion of stone or bricklaying. This is why Washington Twp., MI Homeowners choose stamped concrete for redesigning hardscape elements like driveways and patios. This article will take you through the advantages that stamped concrete offers and why you must hire professionals to install it.

Stamped Concrete Allows Color and Pattern Customization

Since concrete is poured at the site, it’s possible to experiment and customize it. The concrete can easily be colored in a way that matches a home’s exterior, a pool, and even existing concrete. This way, the stamped concrete will appear as it has always been part of the landscaping design. Besides, stamped concrete can be stamped in any pattern like intricate prints and floral patterns, offering endless design options.

Stamped Concrete Installation Is Easier

One of the top reasons why most homeowners prefer stamped concrete is because they are easy to install. Those who had brick pavers installed will also agree that the installation process was tedious. First, installers lay down each brick and start grouting and leveling. This takes up to several hours.

Stamped concrete is poured as a single slab and settles faster. Only if customization is involved, homeowners need to start considering some more days to get the assignment completed. Washington Twp., MI homeowners need to note is that stamped concrete installation is a detail-oriented job. So, it is a wiser idea to leave the task to the experts. Stamped concrete is durable and will serve for years. If you are looking for a sidewalk or patio that can keep functioning without hassle, a stamped concrete may be ideal for you.

Stamped Concrete Installation Is Inexpensive

Stamped concrete is less expensive than other surface options. It does not require significant installation labor, advanced tools, or equipment as pavers or natural stone may need. Quite naturally, the overall installation cost is less. The concrete itself is less expensive than other surface materials. It is also widely available.

Stamped Concrete Requires Low Maintenance

If you are someone who likes to keep your property maintenance to a minimum, you can opt for stamped concrete. Even though stamped concrete looks gorgeous, its maintenance involves resealing from time to time. Resealing will keep stamped concrete from becoming cracked or chipped. It also helps to retain its color. Besides resealing, sweeping it helps to keep the stamped concrete free from dirt and debris.

Concluding Thoughts

As you ponder whether a stamped concrete is appropriate, consider how it can fit in with the overall landscape design. Poured concrete works wonders when it comes to creating curves and/or other uncommon designs. If you visualize that your landscaping can benefit from smooth curves and the visually appealing look of stamped concrete, consult an experienced landscape professional about the options you have and how a stamped concrete would fit in with existing landscaping aspects.

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