Upgrading Your Centerline Commercial Property With Concrete

If you own a production-based business, you’re probably aware that your equipment and the skill of your employees play a role in the efficiency of your business. Equipment that is in disrepair can make the job harder for even the most skilled employee. That’s also true for your building itself. If you have ramps and lifts that are in disrepair, the easiest job can become more difficult and dangerous for your employees.

It’s important for the safety of your employees and for the production of your business to properly maintain both your equipment and your commercial property. Even the most meticulously maintained commercial properties require upgrades over time. If your commercial property needs upgrades using concrete to do so may be the best option.

The Benefits of Choosing Concrete

When considering how to upgrade your commercial property, you’re probably looking for the best option available. Concrete has several benefits that make it the material for the job. Concrete is a durable building material that can hold the heavy weight of machinery while taking little to no damage. Due to its durability, concrete additions are long-lasting and will save you money on costly repairs or having to rebuild your ramps or lifts entirely.

There is little maintenance that is associated with choosing concrete for your additions. Stains can be pressure washed easily from the surface of the concrete. Areas that are prone to oil stains from equipment can be sealed to make washing away stains that much easier. By choosing concrete, you ensure that any potential clients who may walk your building can see a clean and efficiently run commercial property for all their needs.

Ideas to Consider For Your Commercial Property

There are a plethora of different ways you can use concrete to upgrade your commercial property. Deciding what works best for your business depends on the needs of your company. Here are just a few structures that can be created to enhance the production of your commercial property:

  • Machine Pits
  • Forklift Ramps
  • Truck Docks
  • Generator and machine slabs

With a production-based business, it’s important that each of these areas of your business are in good repair. Machine pits and forklift ramps that are damaged can create a risk for your employees as they maneuver heavy machinery. Your truck docks and generator slabs should be able to easily hold the weight of a heavy load without buckling or cracking.

Adding a Special Touch To Your Commercial Property

It’s not just the inside of your commercial property that matters, but the outside as well. The outside of your commercial property is what potential clients see first. One way to create a welcoming environment is to upgrade your walkways using stamped concrete. Stamped concrete has the benefits of traditional concrete, but also added versatility. Stamped concrete can be patterned to resemble many different building materials from stone to marble. Using stamped concrete to create beautiful walkways for your commercial property is a practical way to add a special touch to your building.

If you’re ready to upgrade your commercial property, give Flat Rock Concrete Construction, Inc. a call today at (248) 379-0250 or (586) 726-6091. See for yourself the ways that concrete can transform your Centerline commercial property!




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