What is Pea Gravel Used For?

Gravel comes in many shapes and sizes, but as local cement companies would like homeowners to know, pea gravel is a different story altogether. Pea gravel is typically very small, soft to touch and has rounded edges and smooth sides. It comes in a variety of colors and shapes, and you’ve probably seen some of it in your friend’s aquarium!

Because of its size and texture, pea gravel is used for above-ground projects and usually to accent architecture and/or add color to the landscaping. They’re light, attractive and can add a dose of color to even the sternest looking architecture!

So, what is pea gravel really used for? Here are some common ways to use pea gravel around your home and neighborhood!


Jazz up bland walkways with some pea gravel. It also provides a soft ground for pets to walk on and is also safe for kids – no more scraping incidents because of hard pavements! Pea gravel can be used in different colors to make murals or smooth the surface of a rough walkway.

Concrete driveway contractors usually use this to add aesthetic, tough walkways and driveways to accent the architecture of a home!

Children’s Playgrounds

Children’s playgrounds should be full of creativity and color. This is why pea gravel is great to add a splash of color the local playground.

Not only do they look beautiful, but they’re also safe for kids to play on, especially after rainy days when the water can slip through the layers of pea gravel and get absorbed by the mud beneath, leaving a dry and safe ground for kids to play on.

Artificial Fountains/Waterfalls

Using pea gravel in artificial landscaping like waterfalls or fountains is a great way to add an aesthetical touch to the corner of your garden. In fact, pea gravel is great to own if you plan on planting some plants at the bottom of the waterfall or fountain!

Especially paired with the reflection of underwater lights, pea gravel looks great!

Garden Landscaping

If you’re looking to add a permanent pop of color to your garden or flower boxes, pea gravel is the way to go.

Not only does it keep the surface dry and helps to channel water downwards, but alongside the colors of nature, pea gravel can really add aesthetic value to your garden – especially if you’re looking to design a Zen garden!


Easily bought from local cement companies, pea gravel is great to add to aquariums!

They help to keep corals and aquarium plants in one place and also help to keep excessive particles down towards the bottom of the tank, leaving you – and your fish – with a clean, pretty and great looking aquarium.

Looking to work on a project with pea gravel? Contact your local cement companies and concrete driveway contractors to ask about pea gravel!

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