What’s The Best Time To Replace Your Bloomfield, MI Sidewalk?

Concrete is as much a part of the Bloomfield, MI area landscape as trees are to a forest. It is so ubiquitous that we even don’t give it any regard at all. But in reality, concrete is a precious construction material that deserves our utmost attention. Concrete is arguably the most widely-used and versatile construction material on earth, thanks to its numerous advantages. It’s not only strong, durable, and sturdy, but fire resistant, easy to handle, and low maintenance as well. It’s easy to see why most Bloomfield, MI residents prefer concrete to other construction materials.

However, because nothing is perfect, concrete can be prone to damage, especially when exposed to certain conditions. To be more precise, shifting of the ground, changes in temperature, and constant stressful weight can all affect your concrete’s overall health negatively.

It is important that you watch out for any cracks that may be caused by any of the aforementioned factors. This is because cracks on your concrete sidewalk can potentially pose serious risks. However, research has shown that most Bloomfield, MI, homeowners don’t know when to either repair or replace their sidewalk concrete. As professionals, we want to equip you with important tips on how to maintain and take care of your concrete sidewalks.

What are the different types of sidewalks?

In general, there are two types of sidewalks, including private and pedestrian sidewalks. Commonly known as shared user sidewalks, pedestrian sidewalks belong to the city easement category. But it’s worth noting that they form part of a homeowner’s property, and this means that as a homeowner, you are obliged to take care of them. However, both the repair and replacement of these sidewalks are fulfilled by the city’s ordinance.

Private sidewalks, on the other hand, are exclusively meant for personal use. They usually direct the homeowner from the pedestrian driveway or sidewalk to their front door. They are managed by the homeowners. Usually, the replacement as well as maintenance of private sidewalks are conducted according to the city’s policies and regulations. Occasionally, private sidewalks may require minor or major patching or resurfacing using high-quality concrete.

As you may have guessed, both the repair and replacement requirements are affected by two major factors, including the type and severity of the damage experienced.

  • Increased exposure to elements: As already explained, concrete is generally a highly durable and sturdy building material. However, it can be prone to damage, especially when exposed to excess weight and extreme weather. So, it’s not unusual to see sidewalks crack and shift with time. Cracked or damaged sidewalks can potentially increase your likelihood of falling, particularly if their surfaces begin to change. If you notice that the difference between the two parts of your sidewalks is more than two and a half inches, then it’s high time you replace them.
  • Cracks: When it comes to sidewalks, there are two types of cracks, including narrow and hairline cracks. In this regard, narrow cracks are relatively easy to replace. Their hairline counterparts are fairly more intense and are usually installed in the larger areas of the sidewalk. They resemble a spider web. A poorly mixed concrete is usually the root cause of hairline sidewalk cracks. Their presence should warrant an immediate replacement of your concrete sidewalk. To spot them, just inspect the blurry cracks and assess whether they have become bigger or more pronounced.

As you have already seen, you should repair your concrete sidewalk if you can spot visible signs of wear and tear, small cracks or chips, or damage that’s within 2-inches. On the contrary, you may have to conduct a complete replacement of your sidewalk if there are relatively deep cracks in the base of your sidewalk. What’s more, the presence of entirely broken slabs should warrant the complete replacement of your concrete sidewalks.

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