Why is a concrete better than asphalt?

Typically, when it is time for homeowners to get a new driveway, their research quickly leads them to two materials to choose from – asphalt or concrete. If you, as a homeowner, have been in that situation or currently are right at this point, then you should applaud yourself for the good research you conducted. These two materials are the two types of driveway materials preferred by most homeowners. And this is completely understandable. Both have attractive features.

However, one of them is better in a few different categories for some very profound reasons.  So, if you – or someone you know – is currently debating over what type of driveway to get – concrete or asphalt – read on.

Here are the primary reasons concrete is your best choice for your driveway. 

Concrete driveways last longer. The main reason people ultimately, overwhelmingly choose concrete over asphalt is very simple – it is extremely durable. It is so durable in fact, that it noticeably outlasts asphalt. Furthermore, if you are one who likes specifics, here you go. Concrete driveways are known to last for decades. Keep in mind, concrete’s ability to last for twenty, thirty, even forty years is totally contingent upon it being accurately poured and properly maintained.

The longevity of asphalt driveways, on the other hand, averages somewhere between twelve years and twenty years. That’s quite a difference.

Concrete withstands brutal weather conditions. Asphalt is a mixture of materials that includes oils. These oils separate when the mixture is exposed to rain. Basically, it is the oils in asphalt that tend to rise up to the asphalt’s driveway’s surface in response to rain. This results in craters forming. First and foremost, this shows that completing paving of asphalt driveways can’t be accomplished when it is raining.

But, this problem with the oils in the asphalt mixture also spotlights a couple of other issues with asphalt driveways. In addition to rain, snow can also cause cracks in paved asphalt.

Concrete driveways can handle all types of harsh weather. Water, whether it is rain or melting snow, has little effect on concrete. Once a concrete driveway is set, it holds up and endures whatever torrential weather comes it’s way.

Asphalt lacks the versatility of concrete. You really are limited in your options if you choose an asphalt driveway. You have one choice of color and customization is off the table. An asphalt driveway is dark, maybe a shade less or darker. But they are all dark in tone.

Concrete allows you to customize in a range of ways. Concrete can actually give your driveway the look of wood, brick or stone. And, if distinguishing your driveway so it complements your home’s exterior or hardscaping is important, then you’ll be delighted to know that you have options when it comes to designing a concrete driveway.  This distinction is typically the one that seals the deal when it comes to a choice between concrete and asphalt.

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