Why is a concrete parking lot best for your business?

Do you ever look out at your commercial property and look for ways to elevate it? If so, what kind of things have yo9u down? Perhaps you’ve spruced up the landscaping or the walkways. But, what about your parking lot? Are you in need of a new one? Is your current parking lot rundown and problematic for employees, customers, vendors, and visitors?

If you have just built or purchased a new commercial property or if you’ve been operating at your current property for many years, at some point your parking lot becomes a top priority. And when that time occurs, what decision will you make?

Actually, this choice is very easy. Go with a concrete parking lot and you can check this issue off your agenda.

Here are some main reasons why concrete is the best material for your business’ parking lot.

Concrete lasts. Perhaps the most important criteria when it comes to selecting the material for a commercial parking lot is that it’s is durable; that it has the ability to handle extreme weight and traffic for a long time. With the correct, dedicated care, a concrete parking lot can remain in good condition for decades. If getting a good return on your investment is important to you, a concrete parking lot will deliver that for you.

Concrete isn’t costly or difficult to maintain. Concrete is prone to cracking. Cracking, but not often or regularly. In fact, concrete is the material that needs the least amount of maintenance.  A concrete parking lot only needs to be pressure washed, but this should be done fairly often.  In fact, let your visual view decide if and when it needs a good power washing.  And occasionally, regular power washing should be supported with an application of sealant to seal cracks. Doing this will preempt water from finding its way through the cracks which can cause your parking lot to deteriorate.

Concrete is attractive. Think about it, your parking lot is the first thing a customer sees. If you’re in the running for a new sale or contract, you want this customer visiting you for the first time to have a grand initial impression of your building and grounds. After all, it typically sets the pace for what the customer can expect to see on the inside. A concrete parking lot casts a fine image projection. It shows that aesthetic quality is just as important as the quality of all other aspects of your business.

Concrete is temperature friendly and cost-effective. If you’ve ever had an asphalt parking lot, one thing you know for sure is that it absorbs heat. This makes it much hotter in the summer. But concrete reflects summer’s heat this providing for a much cooler, more comfortable atmosphere. And, concrete parking lots require as much lighting. Sufficient light is easier to provide with concrete which translates to noticeably lower utility costs.

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